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Meaning of THE KNOCK

THE KNOCK means: The knock is British slang for stolen goods.The knock is British slang for credit, hire purchase.The knock is British slang for the arrival of the police.

Meaning of In tall cotton

In tall cotton means: Rich, wealthy

Meaning of GGOH

GGOH means: Gotta Get Out of Here

Meaning of URAPITA

URAPITA means: You Are A Pain In The Ass

Meaning of talk trash

talk trash means: To spend time talking. We spent the whole afternoon talking trash and watching TV.

Meaning of man up!

man up! means: a term used to suggest to a friend or otherwise to not be a wuss about a certain issue. Frequently used when talking about beer drinking.  "Ugh, my stomach hurts...I can't drink tonight." "Man up and drink some beers!" 

Meaning of bumf

bumf means: n copious amounts of paperwork or literature: You would not believe the bloody stack of bumf that came with my new video recorder. Possibly derived from the army and a contraction of the phrase “bum fodder,” i.e., toilet paper.

Meaning of pecker

pecker means: penis

Meaning of blow

blow means: To suck a cock, fellatio.

Meaning of Domestic partnership

Domestic partnership means: An official recognition of partners to honor the union of lesbian or gay male.

Meaning of fag bag

fag bag means: A woman married to a homosexual.

Meaning of 41

41 means: Lemonade

Meaning of HARD STUFF

HARD STUFF means: heroin

Meaning of Hungry Glitter

Hungry Glitter means: A glitter polish that seems to suck up the topcoat, therefore usually requiring multiple layers of topcoat to get a smooth finish.

Meaning of some

some means: very good or excellent; “we had some scoff”

Meaning of shot

shot means: Tired, exhausted; worn out, broken down. I'll give the puzzle another shot.

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