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Meaning of ABRAHAM

ABRAHAM means: Abraham is British rhyming slang for sham.


ABSOTIVELY means: Absotively is American slang for absolutely, positively.

Meaning of FLASH ON

FLASH ON means: Flash on is slang for to be inspired by something.

Meaning of cuntox

cuntox means: Noun. A contemptible person.

Meaning of chew and spew

chew and spew means: take away food

Meaning of ED

ED means: Erectile Dysfunction

Meaning of TLK2UL8R

TLK2UL8R means: Talk To You Later

Meaning of bootylicious

bootylicious means: adj. sexually attractive.  2. adj. voluptuous. Not too skinny-- looking very attractive with plenty of "booty."  "Beyonce looked bootylicious in that outfit!" 

Meaning of roll-up

roll-up means: v. To arrive, mainly through the use of a car.  "Eh, I say we roll up to that party tonight and roll up on that fool James."  2. Something that an enemy would do to sneak up on you; also to interact or address another person aggressively, particularly an enemy.  "Let's roll up on those fellas and bust a cap!"  3. To fight.  "Roll up, fool!" 

Meaning of tip

tip means: 1 n place in great disarray: Your flat is a complete tip! Derived I think from the British term rubbish tip, where one goes to tip rubbish. 2 a gratuity (universal).

Meaning of bovver-boots

bovver-boots means: Big boots worn by punks and hard-cases.. most often Dr Martens.

Meaning of egg bound

egg bound means: To be constipated due to eating too many eggs. Included, because it's such a nice word - regardless of whether eggs DO cause constipation or not. It's been suggested that the term "Egg bound" is used when a bird cannot deliver her egg - usually resulting in death to the poor bird. Which fits with the slang term and doesn't require eggs to cause one to be constipated... so there ya go!

Meaning of hand-to-gland combat

hand-to-gland combat means: Energetic masturbation session.

Meaning of herny

herny means: Word used to describe a gypsy who lives in a house. These people often had 'ants in their pants' but most repressed the urge to tell them this for fear of a broken nose. word originated in Bushey, Hertfordshire, UK where there's a road full of them - the NOW famous Herne Road.

Meaning of Yikes

Yikes means: Something u should have not done Yikes! I left my car door unlocked

Meaning of Bubble And Squeak

Bubble And Squeak means: Beak

Meaning of Row Up Salt River

Row Up Salt River means: Used generally to signify political defeat.

Meaning of Snide

Snide means:   Counterfeit; counterfeit coins or jewels.

Meaning of cock and hen

cock and hen means: ten pounds (thanks N Shipperley). The ten pound meaning of cock and hen is 20th century rhyming slang. Cock and hen - also cockerel and hen - has carried the rhyming slang meaning for the number ten for longer. Its transfer to ten pounds logically grew more popular through the inflationary 1900s as the ten pound amount and banknote became more common currency in people's wages and wallets, and therefore language. Cock and hen also gave raise to the variations cockeren, cockeren and hen, hen, and the natural rhyming slang short version, cock - all meaning ten pounds.

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