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Meaning of AUNTIE ENA

AUNTIE ENA means: Auntie Ena is London Cockney rhyming slang for a cleaner.


BUNGALOW BILL means: Bungalow Bill is British slang for a stupid man.

Meaning of CLUNK

CLUNK means: Clunk is American slang for a stupid or dull−witted person. Clunk is American slang for an old and worn out car or truck.

Meaning of COB

COB means: Cob is British slang for a bad mood.

Meaning of POWDER

POWDER means: Powder is slang for cocaine.

Meaning of SNOTNOSE

SNOTNOSE means: Snotnose is slang for a childish, conceited or contemptible person.

Meaning of jug handles

jug handles means: Noun. Ears, usually implying large or excessively protruding.

Meaning of sweat cobs

sweat cobs means: Verb. To perspire profusely, to sweat excessively. E.g."With the room temperature at 95 degrees, I was sweating cobs."

Meaning of Robber's Dog

Robber's Dog means: A very unattractive person, usually a woman.rn"she was a real robber's dog"rnAlso "he was as ugly as a hat full of arseholes!

Meaning of git

git means: an idiotic, annoying person

Meaning of fire extinguisher

fire extinguisher means: A chaperone. Priscilla was so hot, she could never go out without a fire extinguisher.

Meaning of screw

screw means: To harm greatly. He got screwed by a used-car dealer.

Meaning of slut

slut means: Unrestrained homosexual, uncontrollable desire by a man for sexual intercourse one that needs to have sex all the time.

Meaning of TMI

TMI means: Too much info!

Meaning of Zoinks!

Zoinks! means: scared, horrified;shocked

Meaning of Finger And Thumb

Finger And Thumb means: Rum

Meaning of AMES

AMES means: amyl nitrite

Meaning of JACKING UP

JACKING UP means: injecting drugs

Meaning of Sup

Sup means: What's up?

Meaning of pony up

pony up means: To pay up your share. When his brother got out of the pokey, he went right back to making book.

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