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Slang words and meanings


ALL OVER THE LOT means: All over the lot is American slang for disorganised, in chaos or disarray.

Meaning of LONG FIRM

LONG FIRM means: Long firm is British slang for a fraud; a dishonest business that buys goods on credit and sells them quickly before disappearing without paying the bills.

Meaning of NELSON EDDY

NELSON EDDY means: Nelson Eddy is London Cockney rhyming slang for ready.

Meaning of YONNIE

YONNIE means: Yonnie is Australian slang for a stone.

Meaning of suckhole

suckhole means: goodie-goodie, teacher's pet, person who does nothing wrong, disobedient or illegal, implies that person is afraid to step out of bounds proscribed by shool, family, the law, or society in general.

Meaning of Wheeze

Wheeze means: That sucks

Meaning of brown trouser job

brown trouser job means: scary

Meaning of On your bike

On your bike means: A very polite way of telling someone to f*** off.

Meaning of AFPOE

AFPOE means: A Fresh Pair Of Eyes

Meaning of hare-brain

hare-brain means: A stupid or foolish person. Who was the hare-brain who put chewing gum on my seat?

Meaning of poppins

poppins means: Perfect. She thinks she is so poppins.

Meaning of total

total means: To completely destroy. He totaled his car last night.

Meaning of Her Majesty's pleasure

Her Majesty's pleasure means: When visiting England, try to avoid being detained at Her Majesty's pleasure. This means being put in prison with no release date!

Meaning of Poon

Poon means: A guy who sniffs girls bicycle seats. (ed: don't ask... !)

Meaning of BLUE SAGE

BLUE SAGE means: marijuana

Meaning of CATCH UP

CATCH UP means: to withdraw from drugs


HOSE COUPLER means: Brakeman who handles trains by himself with the road engine around a big passenger terminal

Meaning of Ding Dong

Ding Dong means: Black on the outside, white on the inside. Blacks who act white

Meaning of pishogues

pishogues means: superstitions; gossipy yers and incredible stories

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Agrestical

Agrestical means: Agrestic.

Meaning of Backwards

Backwards means: From a better to a worse state, as from honor to shame, from religion to sin.

Meaning of Colestaff

Colestaff means: See Colstaff.

Meaning of Crave

Crave means: To desire strongly; to feel an insatiable longing; as, a craving appetite.

Meaning of Dasewe

Dasewe means: To become dim-sighted; to become dazed or dazzled.

Meaning of Doctor

Doctor means: A teacher; one skilled in a profession, or branch of knowledge learned man.

Meaning of Engage

Engage means: To gain over; to win and attach; to attract and hold; to draw.

Meaning of Fiacre

Fiacre means: A kind of French hackney coach.

Meaning of Hawker

Hawker means: To sell goods by outcry in the street.

Meaning of Misdirect

Misdirect means: To give a wrong direction to; as, to misdirect a passenger, or a letter; to misdirect one's energies.

Meaning of Mongrelize

Mongrelize means: To cause to be mongrel; to cross breeds, so as to produce mongrels.

Meaning of Palissy

Palissy means: Designating, or of the nature of, a kind of pottery made by Bernard Palissy, in France, in the 16th centry.

Meaning of Pathogenetic

Pathogenetic means: Pathogenic.

Meaning of Pedicellariae

Pedicellariae means: of Pedicellaria

Meaning of Perennially

Perennially means: In a perennial manner.

Meaning of Protensive

Protensive means: Drawn out; extended.

Meaning of Recanted

Recanted means: of Recant

Meaning of Strengthener

Strengthener means: One who, or that which, gives or adds strength.

Meaning of Subtracter

Subtracter means: The subtrahend.

Meaning of Tenth

Tenth means: Next in order after the ninth; coming after nine others.

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