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ALDERSHOT WHORE means: Aldershot whore is British rhyming slang for four.


BLOW YOUR EATS means: Blow your eats is American slang for to vomit

Meaning of BORSTAL

BORSTAL means: Borstal is old English slang for a steep and narrow path up a hill in which one could hide.

Meaning of SOUNDING

SOUNDING means: Sounding is Black−American slang for flirting


SPIFLICATE means: Spiflicate is British school slang for to destroy; annihilate.

Meaning of THROAT

THROAT means: Throat is American slang for a studious person.

Meaning of jiggy

jiggy means: Adj. Cool and in touch with what's happening and respected. Apparently originates with Will Smith, U.S. rapper and movie star, and came to prominence with his song Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It. [Orig. U.S. 1990s]Noun. Sex. [Orig. U.S. 1990s]

Meaning of Never Never

Never Never means: outback

Meaning of knocken

knocken means: A term used to enthusiasticly refer to music that is very loud; and having lots of bass.  "Dang Homie, those new speakers in your car be Knocken!!!" 

Meaning of thrupney bits

thrupney bits means: n breasts: She was a bit dull but what a cracking pair of thrupney bits! From Cockney rhyming slang “thrupney bits” / “tits.” The thrupney bit was once a three-pence coin but is no longer in circulation. Although I’ve been doing my best to avoid putting plurals into this piece of work, I have a lot of trouble trying to think of any situation in which you would ever refer to a single thrupney bit. Perhaps someday the terms “thrupney bit implants” or “thrupney bit cancer” will be commonplace, but they aren’t now.

Meaning of Yank

Yank means: n, adj American. To a Brit, a Yank is anyone of American descent. It’s not altogether complimentary and conjures up an image of Stetsons, oil wells, Cadillacs and overweight children. The word comes from “Yankee” - after receiving and trying to synopsize nearly a million different explanations for where that word came from, I realised that I was drifting wildly off topic and so I’ve scrubbed them all. Go and look it up elsewhere. yank tank American car. A description one might regard as unfair to the humble tank.

Meaning of bat boy

bat boy means: A boy that loves large penises. He likes his sexual partner to have more than seven inches of cock.

Meaning of go girl

go girl means: Means "I agree". [Go girl - that Queen David is a hot act to follow.]

Meaning of BANK

BANK means: Knife or a sharp weapon.

Meaning of Greatle

Greatle means: A great while.

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