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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of HOIST

HOIST means: Hoist is slang for to steal, particularly by shoplifting or pickpocketing. Hoist is slang for a thief, particularly a shoplifter or pickpocket.Hoist was th century slang for a two−man robbery in which one man would stand upon the other in order to effect a high−rise entry into a building. Hoist is American slang for to raise and down a drink, particularly beer.

Meaning of JILLION

JILLION means: Jillion is American slang for a very large number or amount.

Meaning of RABBIT'S PAW

RABBIT'S PAW means: Rabbit's paw is London Cockney rhyming slang for to scold (jaw).


REGIMENTAL means: Regimental is military slang for maintaining or observing strict discipline.

Meaning of bonnie

bonnie means: Noun. A bonfire.

Meaning of Fanny

Fanny means: Vagina

Meaning of SAPFU

SAPFU means: Surpassing All Previous Foul Ups

Meaning of Clyde

Clyde means: Term of address for males. Let it slide, Clyde; it isn't that important.

Meaning of live-park

live-park means: To park with the motor running. Jump out. I'll live park while you get the sodas.

Meaning of shebang

shebang means: A set of facts or things. Baldwin sold the store, the stock, the grounds--the whole shebang.

Meaning of mall

mall means: Crying.

Meaning of session

session means: A period of time during which one engages sexually with another person; "Did you have a session last night?"

Meaning of He gave me a paint job

He gave me a paint job means: This meant the penis had come back brown, after anal intercourse.

Meaning of snack

snack means: A person that looks good to the eye physically and one tempting to pursue and have as a tasty morsel.

Meaning of Rattling

Rattling means: Jolly, excellent, smart

Meaning of SULPHATES

SULPHATES means: amphetamines in powder form

Meaning of arn

arn means: any

Meaning of food order

food order means: food stamps issued by the government on a monthly basis

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Bossage

Bossage means: Rustic work, consisting of stones which seem to advance beyond the level of the building, by reason of indentures or channels left in the joinings.

Meaning of Carnalizing

Carnalizing means: of Carnalize

Meaning of Cartographer

Cartographer means: One who makes charts or maps.

Meaning of Catholicly

Catholicly means: In a catholic manner; generally; universally.

Meaning of Congratulate

Congratulate means: To address with expressions of sympathetic pleasure on account of some happy event affecting the person addressed; to wish joy to.

Meaning of Horse-chestnut

Horse-chestnut means: The tree itself, which was brought from Constantinople in the beginning of the sixteenth century, and is now common in the temperate zones of both hemispheres. The native American species are called buckeyes.

Meaning of Landing

Landing means: Of, pertaining to or used for, setting, bringing, or going, on shore.

Meaning of Littorina

Littorina means: A genus of small pectinibranch mollusks, having thick spiral shells, abundant between tides on nearly all rocky seacoasts. They feed on seaweeds. The common periwinkle is a well-known example. See Periwinkle.

Meaning of Moment

Moment means: An essential element; a deciding point, fact, or consideration; an essential or influential circumstance.

Meaning of Nereid

Nereid means: A sea nymph, one of the daughters of Nereus, who were attendants upon Neptune, and were represented as riding on sea horses, sometimes with the human form entire, and sometimes with the tail of a fish.

Meaning of Phosphorus

Phosphorus means: Hence, any substance which shines in the dark like phosphorus, as certain phosphorescent bodies.

Meaning of Physeter

Physeter means: A filtering machine operated by air pressure.

Meaning of Pill

Pill means: To be peeled; to peel off in flakes.

Meaning of Rament

Rament means: Ramenta.

Meaning of Receptibility

Receptibility means: A receptible thing.

Meaning of -scope

-scope means: A combining form usually signifying an instrument for viewing (with the eye) or observing (in any way); as in microscope, telescope, altoscope, anemoscope.

Meaning of Scout

Scout means: A person sent out to gain and bring in tidings; especially, one employed in war to gain information of the movements and condition of an enemy.

Meaning of Settle

Settle means: To sink to the bottom; to fall to the bottom, as dregs of a liquid, or the sediment of a reserveir.

Meaning of Smudging

Smudging means: of Smudge

Meaning of Validity

Validity means: The quality or state of being valid; strength; force; especially, power to convince; justness; soundness; as, the validity of an argument or proof; the validity of an objection.

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