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Slang words and meanings


DONORCYCLE means: Donorcycle is American nursing slang for a motorcycle.

Meaning of GALLIED

GALLIED means: Gallied is Dorset slang for frightened.

Meaning of IN COOSE

IN COOSE means: In coose is Dorset slang for of course.

Meaning of PHUZA

PHUZA means: Phuza is South African slang for alcoholic drink, liquor.

Meaning of Pete Tong

Pete Tong means: Adj. Wrong. Rhyming slang. Pete Tong is a well known and respected U.K. radio and club D.J.

Meaning of GANKED

GANKED means: Dis what when some Mutha Fucka steals yo shih!

Meaning of arse

arse means: bottom, posterior

Meaning of Buck

Buck means: Close friend/associate.

Meaning of drunk dial

drunk dial means: when a person makes a phone call, usually late at night and when intoxicated, and embarasses oneself, or shares information that they will later regret. 

Meaning of bmw

bmw means: Acronym. bmw = big money wankers. Both new an second hand bmws are/were bought by people who want to look flash. Of course it doesn't work, cos ALL bmw drivers are well known to be extremly arrogant bastard drivers. (ed: Lucky I can't afford one... I think?)

Meaning of cackersarnie

cackersarnie means: To describe the act of pulling someone's underwear up so high that it nearly cut them in two. Quite literally cacker (shit) sarnie (sandwich). Used amongst girls and boys but mainly boys inflicting it on other boys.

Meaning of the bomb

the bomb means: Very good, excellent, the best; COOL, AWESOME. Also bomb; "That new CD is the bomb!", "That movie is bomb!"

Meaning of neuter

neuter means: Male homosexual.

Meaning of Deadeye

Deadeye means: Poached egg

Meaning of Tuna down

Tuna down means: Tuna fish sandwich

Meaning of Buckwheat

Buckwheat means: Refers to Buckwheat, a Black character on "The Little Rascals."

Meaning of bite

bite means: To be bad. She just got a real bitchin car.

Meaning of hang it on

hang it on means: Say, tell. Sue can make it if she just hangs in for a few more days.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Amending

Amending means: of Amend

Meaning of Antedate

Antedate means: To date before the true time; to assign to an earlier date; thus, to antedate a deed or a bond is to give it a date anterior to the true time of its execution.

Meaning of Assumptive

Assumptive means: Assumed, or capable of being assumed; characterized by assumption; making unwarranted claims.

Meaning of Aventre

Aventre means: To thrust forward (at a venture), as a spear.

Meaning of Brand

Brand means: A sword, so called from its glittering or flashing brightness.

Meaning of Buoy

Buoy means: To keep from sinking in a fluid, as in water or air; to keep afloat; -- with up.

Meaning of Cock

Cock means: To strut; to swagger; to look big, pert, or menacing.

Meaning of Cogent

Cogent means: Compelling, in a physical sense; powerful.

Meaning of Color-blind

Color-blind means: Affected with color blindness. See Color blindness, under Color, n.

Meaning of Consolato del mare

Consolato del mare means: A collection of maritime laws of disputed origin, supposed to have been first published at Barcelona early in the 14th century. It has formed the basis of most of the subsequent collections of maritime laws.

Meaning of Fuller

Fuller means: To form a groove or channel in, by a fuller or set hammer; as, to fuller a bayonet.

Meaning of Gainsome

Gainsome means: Gainful.

Meaning of Inseminate

Inseminate means: To sow; to impregnate.

Meaning of Politician

Politician means: One versed or experienced in the science of government; one devoted to politics; a statesman.

Meaning of Sky

Sky means: A cloud.

Meaning of Solvend

Solvend means: A substance to be dissolved.

Meaning of Sorediiferous

Sorediiferous means: Bearing soredia; sorediate.

Meaning of Subtilization

Subtilization means: The operation of making so volatile as to rise in steam or vapor.

Meaning of Sythe

Sythe means: See Sith, Sithe.

Meaning of Transmittance

Transmittance means: Transmission.

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