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Slang words and meanings


AWAY FOR SLATES means: Away for slates is Irish slang for on the way to success.

Meaning of toddle off

toddle off means: Verb. To casually leave. {Informal}.

Meaning of Lily Paps

Lily Paps means: Police

Meaning of Hip

Hip means: A term used to describe someone who knows or understands. Originally "hep" until the 40's or 50's.Yardbird Parker is really "hip".

Meaning of Square

Square means: A somewhat outmoded term meaning unknowing which can be a noun or a verb.That cat is a real "square"

Meaning of #FitFam

#FitFam means: Going to.

Meaning of zonk

zonk means: To hit. He zonked me on the head with his baseball glove.

Meaning of niggle

niggle means: n, adj nag; pester. You might hear it in a context like: He seemed okay, but I had a niggling doubt.

Meaning of gadge

gadge means: Male person, man.

Meaning of spaggy, boggy

spaggy, boggy means: Decribes the wet pieces of paper we all used to throw at the walls a nd ceiling at school. Another term I have heard to decribe these is 'the boggy'

Meaning of bollocks

bollocks means: The testicles.

Meaning of Beans on Toast

Beans on Toast means: Evening Post. Go and buy the beans on toast will you son.

Meaning of Dipping

Dipping means: Chewing snuff.

Meaning of To Plum

To Plum means: To deceive.

Meaning of T.N.T.

T.N.T. means: fentanyl

Meaning of Arf

Arf means: African Rock Fish. Jones Beach (NYC) term for Blacks due to their poor swimming abilities.

Meaning of stick

stick means: to victimize in money transactions (to fail to pay the summer’s account is to “stick the merchant”); to stick object on something (to stick the tea pot on the stove)

Meaning of nickel

nickel means: A 5-cent piece. The shoplifter nicked the cop's badge as he was dragged out of the store.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Blunted

Blunted means: of Blunt

Meaning of Businesses

Businesses means: of Business

Meaning of Deteriority

Deteriority means: Worse state or quality; inferiority.

Meaning of Dietical

Dietical means: Dietetic.

Meaning of Emew

Emew means: See Emu.

Meaning of Full

Full means: Sated; surfeited.

Meaning of Grouper

Grouper means: In California, the name is often applied to the rockfishes.

Meaning of Heave offering

Heave offering means: An offering or oblation heaved up or elevated before the altar, as the shoulder of the peace offering. See Wave offering.

Meaning of Infusing

Infusing means: of Infuse

Meaning of Inhere

Inhere means: To be inherent; to stick (in); to be fixed or permanently incorporated with something; to cleave (to); to belong, as attributes or qualities.

Meaning of Ironwork

Ironwork means: Anything made of iron; -- a general name of such parts or pieces of a building, vessel, carriage, etc., as consist of iron.

Meaning of Luncheon

Luncheon means: A portion of food taken at any time except at a regular meal; an informal or light repast, as between breakfast and dinner.

Meaning of Metely

Metely means: According to measure or proportion; proportionable; proportionate.

Meaning of Palatability

Palatability means: Palatableness.

Meaning of Right

Right means: The straight course; adherence to duty; obedience to lawful authority, divine or human; freedom from guilt, -- the opposite of moral wrong.

Meaning of Stereostatic

Stereostatic means: Geostatic.

Meaning of Subnasal

Subnasal means: Situated under the nose; as, the subnasal point, or the middle point of the inferior border of the anterior nasal aperture.

Meaning of Villanelle

Villanelle means: A poem written in tercets with but two rhymes, the first and third verse of the first stanza alternating as the third verse in each successive stanza and forming a couplet at the close.

Meaning of Wight

Wight means: Swift; nimble; agile; strong and active.

Meaning of Xiphisterna

Xiphisterna means: of Xiphisternum

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