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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of PINKS

PINKS means: Pinks is slang for secobarbital.

Meaning of SACK−IT

SACK−IT means: Sack−it is slang for stop it, put an end to something.

Meaning of bost

bost means: Adj. Broken. Probably from bust. [W. Midlands use]

Meaning of Tard Hands

Tard Hands means: Dis what you do when you an yo peeps be G'en out - wit ya hands in da aya like ya juss don't caya

Meaning of Rolly

Rolly means: To have sex

Meaning of IDTA

IDTA means: I Did That Already

Meaning of LGMAS

LGMAS means: Lord Give Me A Sign

Meaning of floor

floor means: Push the accelerator to the floor. The coast is clear: floor it!

Meaning of janked up

janked up means: Confused, messed up. Everything was so janked up we didn't know if we were coming or going.

Meaning of slew

slew means: A large number, many. We saw a slew of crappies at the west end of the lake this weekend.

Meaning of hold somthin

hold somthin means: Asking to barrow money.  "Let me hold somethin, you know I will pay you back." 

Meaning of brolly

brolly means: n umbrella.

Meaning of Egg cream

Egg cream means: Drink made with chocolate syrup, milk, and seltzer

Meaning of Bitch'n

Bitch'n means: awsome

Meaning of Spiffy (Spiff)

Spiffy (Spiff) means: cool, awsome


CHASING THE RED means: Flagman going back with red flag or light to protect his train

Meaning of to pop someone

to pop someone means: to punch someone

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