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Slang words and meanings


ANIMAL COMPANION means: Animal companion is slang for a pet.

Meaning of BITCH

BITCH means: Bitch is derogatory slang for a spiteful or unpleasant woman. Bitch is slang for an annoying or gruelling task.Bitch is slang for something impressive, admirable. Bitch is slang for a girlfriend.

Meaning of JILLION

JILLION means: Jillion is American slang for a very large number or amount.

Meaning of RED EYE

RED EYE means: Red eye is British slang for a sore anus.Red eye is British slang for a long, sleepless, overnight flight.

Meaning of j

j means: Noun. A marijuana/cannabis cigarette. Abb. of 'joint'. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of splosh

splosh means: Noun. Tea (the drink). [Mainly London use]

Meaning of Pissed as a Fart

Pissed as a Fart means: Drunk

Meaning of bon-diggity

bon-diggity means: Attractive; good-looking. You are so bon-diggity.

Meaning of fuzz

fuzz means: The police. The car thief was picked up by the fuzz.

Meaning of rockin'

rockin' means: v. to wear something, generally in a ‘show-off’ type of way.  "Did you see Genine rockin’ her skinny jeans yesterday?" 

Meaning of sad, saddo, sad case

sad, saddo, sad case means: Commonly used everywhere to describe people who don't fit in, don't have any style, or wear the right clothes to be part of any faction. These people are the nerds and geeks of the world. Sad people are not necessarily miserable, but are often picked on mercilessly, and so don't have a great time at school. (ed: looks like I had a sad time at school... hey that's right!!)

Meaning of Macaroni

Macaroni means: Pony (Twenty-Five Pounds)

Meaning of BAG MAN

BAG MAN means: drug supplier

Meaning of CAR-SEAL HAWK

CAR-SEAL HAWK means: Railroad policeman

Meaning of Koku-jin

Koku-jin means: Japanese term for Blacks or anyone of African descent.

Meaning of thurt

thurt means: across

Meaning of circle

circle means: To marry. Changing tires on a car is a cinch.

Meaning of freddie frat

freddie frat means: A fraternity brother. Don't invite that fream; nobody will know what to say to her.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Adown

Adown means: Down.

Meaning of Baculometry

Baculometry means: Measurement of distance or altitude by a staff or staffs.

Meaning of Depend

Depend means: To serve; to attend; to act as a dependent or retainer.

Meaning of Disgarrison

Disgarrison means: To deprive of a garrison.

Meaning of Dowry

Dowry means: The money, goods, or estate, which a woman brings to her husband in marriage; a bride's portion on her marriage. See Note under Dower.

Meaning of Farraginous

Farraginous means: Formed of various materials; mixed; as, a farraginous mountain.

Meaning of Fontanel

Fontanel means: One of the membranous intervals between the incompleted angles of the parietal and neighboring bones of a fetal or young skull; -- so called because it exhibits a rhythmical pulsation.

Meaning of Fosterage

Fosterage means: The care of a foster child; the charge of nursing.

Meaning of Grotesque

Grotesque means: Artificial grotto-work.

Meaning of Homefield

Homefield means: A field adjacent to its owner's home.

Meaning of Hush

Hush means: To still; to silence; to calm; to make quiet; to repress the noise or clamor of.

Meaning of Impertinence

Impertinence means: Conduct or language unbecoming the person, the society, or the circumstances; rudeness; incivility.

Meaning of Norsemen

Norsemen means: of Norseman

Meaning of Schismatic

Schismatic means: Of or pertaining to schism; implying schism; partaking of the nature of schism; tending to schism; as, schismatic opinions or proposals.

Meaning of Scurrility

Scurrility means: That which is scurrile or scurrilous; gross or obscene language; low buffoonery; vulgar abuse.

Meaning of Septicaemia

Septicaemia means: A poisoned condition of the blood produced by the absorption into it of septic or putrescent material; blood poisoning. It is marked by chills, fever, prostration, and inflammation of the different serous membranes and of the lungs, kidneys, and other organs.

Meaning of Superimposed

Superimposed means: of Superimpose

Meaning of Suspect

Suspect means: Suspicion.

Meaning of Usager

Usager means: One who has the use of anything in trust for another.

Meaning of Usurped

Usurped means: of Usurp

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