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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of BIT ON THE SIDE

BIT ON THE SIDE means: Bit on the side is British slang for an extramarital relationship.

Meaning of COULDA

COULDA means: Coulda is slang for could have.

Meaning of GOOSE

GOOSE means: Goose is slang for feeling, poking or pinching a persons bottom. Goose is slang for to condemn by hissing.Goose (shortened from goose and duck) is London Cockney rhyming slang for sexual intercourse.

Meaning of GUDGEON

GUDGEON means: Gudgeon is slang for a person who is easy to trick or cheat. Gudgeon is Dorset slang for a short−forked stake used in hedging.

Meaning of HENRY HALLS

HENRY HALLS means: Henry Halls is London Cockney rhyming slang for testicles (balls).


POCKET ROCKETEER means: Pocket rocketeer is slang for a man who habitually masturbates through his trouser pocket.

Meaning of ROYAL BOB

ROYAL BOB means: Royal Bob is slang for gin.

Meaning of Geordieland

Geordieland means: Noun. The area of Tyneside, in the North-east. Also occasionally Jordyland and Geordyland.

Meaning of J'Cadian

J'Cadian means: A second generation Jamaican born in Canada.

Meaning of hooyah

hooyah means: An interjection of confidence in oneself. Hooyah! I'm invincible!

Meaning of pads

pads means: Female sanitaryware. Used to insult males: "Get your pads off", "You pad wearer".

Meaning of tacked

tacked means: Empty. Usually refers to a marijuana smoking device; "I think the bowl is tacked."

Meaning of Bowl on fire

Bowl on fire means: Chili soup

Meaning of 40

40 means: 40 ounce of beer

Meaning of Uncle Dick

Uncle Dick means: Sick. I can't come out tonight - I'm feeling a bit Uncle Dick.

Meaning of Blue John

Blue John means: Skimmed Milk



Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Arthritical

Arthritical means: Pertaining to the joints.

Meaning of Bezel

Bezel means: The rim which encompasses and fastens a jewel or other object, as the crystal of a watch, in the cavity in which it is set.

Meaning of Cammas

Cammas means: See Camass.

Meaning of Celestite

Celestite means: Native strontium sulphate, a mineral so named from its occasional delicate blue color. It occurs crystallized, also in compact massive and fibrous forms.

Meaning of Crouched

Crouched means: Marked with the sign of the cross.

Meaning of Decollation

Decollation means: A painting representing the beheading of a saint or martyr, esp. of St. John the Baptist.

Meaning of Disord

Disord means: Disorder.

Meaning of Germinant

Germinant means: Sprouting; sending forth germs or buds.

Meaning of Heterophony

Heterophony means: An abnormal state of the voice.

Meaning of Inhibition

Inhibition means: A writ from a higher court forbidding an inferior judge from further proceedings in a cause before; esp., a writ issuing from a higher ecclesiastical court to an inferior one, on appeal.

Meaning of Nominal

Nominal means: Existing in name only; not real; as, a nominal difference.

Meaning of Outlay

Outlay means: A laying out or expending.

Meaning of Prandial

Prandial means: Of or pertaining to a repast, especially to dinner.

Meaning of Reservation

Reservation means: A proviso.

Meaning of Scalenohedron

Scalenohedron means: A pyramidal form under the rhombohedral system, inclosed by twelve faces, each a scalene triangle.

Meaning of Sphinx

Sphinx means: The Guinea, or sphinx, baboon (Cynocephalus sphinx).

Meaning of Unlike

Unlike means: Not like; dissimilar; diverse; having no resemblance; as, the cases are unlike.

Meaning of Veneficious

Veneficious means: Acting by poison; used in poisoning or in sorcery.

Meaning of Viciosity

Viciosity means: Vitiosity.

Meaning of Waxwork

Waxwork means: An American climbing shrub (Celastrus scandens). It bears a profusion of yellow berrylike pods, which open in the autumn, and display the scarlet coverings of the seeds.

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