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Slang words and meanings


CHICKENSHIT means: Chickenshit is slang for cowardly or afraid.

Meaning of LOCKEROOM

LOCKEROOM means: Lockeroom is slang for amyl nitrate (or any associated inhalant drug).

Meaning of SHYPOO

SHYPOO means: Shypoo is Australian slang for a public house selling inferior liquor.

Meaning of groupie

groupie means: Noun. A person who fanatically follows a rock/pop band, or celebrity, around.

Meaning of piss-pot

piss-pot means: Noun. The toilet or toilet bowl. Orig referring to a chamber pot.

Meaning of Digs

Digs means: A period of time away from phones, computers, Facebook, Twitter etc

Meaning of Stacked

Stacked means: Diarrhoea

Meaning of FYE

FYE means: For Your Edification

Meaning of clam

clam means: A dollar. Hey, this suit cost me 20 clams!

Meaning of On your bike

On your bike means: A very polite way of telling someone to f*** off.

Meaning of mons

mons means: Not exactly slang but had to add it for the comment - which is passed on verbatim: "Usually seen when a fat teacher wore trousers showing off a bulge above her stench trench, often made worse by a tight belt. "Mrs Russell's mons is bowfing".

Meaning of knish-ka-bob mug

knish-ka-bob mug means: To perform fellatio.

Meaning of 21

21 means: Limeade

Meaning of The Rabbit Died

The Rabbit Died means: a way of saying someone is NOT pregnant. It refers to the old test of injecting a rabbit with a woman's urine. If the rabbit didn't live, the woman wasn't pregnant; if it did, she was.

Meaning of Brand New

Brand New means: To describe someone. cool, classic and a generally all-round unarguably great person. Most used by popular group/jocks, usually to describe one another.

Meaning of BLUE BIRDS

BLUE BIRDS means: depressant

Meaning of freak

freak means: A fanatic. My best friend tried to frame me for flushing the cherry bomb down the john by putting the rest of them in my locker.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Actor

Actor means: An advocate or proctor in civil courts or causes.

Meaning of Atwixt

Atwixt means: Betwixt.

Meaning of Block

Block means: A section of a railroad where the block system is used. See Block system, below.

Meaning of Bridestake

Bridestake means: A stake or post set in the ground, for guests at a wedding to dance round.

Meaning of Diatryma

Diatryma means: An extinct eocene bird from New Mexico, larger than the ostrich.

Meaning of Dissent

Dissent means: To differ; to be of a contrary nature.

Meaning of Ermin

Ermin means: An Armenian.

Meaning of Homespun

Homespun means: Cloth made at home; as, he was dressed in homespun.

Meaning of Inflamer

Inflamer means: The person or thing that inflames.

Meaning of Lumbermen

Lumbermen means: of Lumberman

Meaning of Magma

Magma means: A salve or confection of thick consistency.

Meaning of Pared

Pared means: of Pare

Meaning of Patently

Patently means: Openly; evidently.

Meaning of Rescuer

Rescuer means: One who rescues.

Meaning of Reverence

Reverence means: To regard or treat with reverence; to regard with respect and affection mingled with fear; to venerate.

Meaning of Rise

Rise means: Appearance above the horizon; as, the rise of the sun or of a planet.

Meaning of Springing

Springing means: The act or process of one who, or that which, springs.

Meaning of Vengeancely

Vengeancely means: Extremely; excessively.

Meaning of Wench

Wench means: To frequent the company of wenches, or women of ill fame.

Meaning of Wythe

Wythe means: Same as Withe, n., 4.

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