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Meaning of Farming

Farming means: The business of cultivating land.

Meaning of Farmost

Farmost means: Most distant; farthest.

Meaning of Farmstead

Farmstead means: A farm with the building upon it; a homestead on a farm.

Meaning of Farmsteading

Farmsteading means: A farmstead.

Meaning of Farmyard

Farmyard means: The yard or inclosure attached to a barn, or the space inclosed by the farm buildings.

Meaning of Farness

Farness means: The state of being far off; distance; remoteness.

Meaning of Faro

Faro means: A gambling game at cardds, in whiich all the other players play against the dealer or banker, staking their money upon the order in which the cards will lie and be dealt from the pack.

Meaning of Faroese

Faroese means: An inhabitant, or, collectively, inhabitants, of the Faroe islands.

Meaning of Far-off

Far-off means: Remote; as, the far-off distance. Cf. Far-off, under Far, adv.

Meaning of Farraginous

Farraginous means: Formed of various materials; mixed; as, a farraginous mountain.

Words and definitions

Meaning of Zoophyta

Zoophyta means: An extensive artificial and heterogeneous group of animals, formerly adopted by many zoologists. It included the c/lenterates, echinoderms, sponges, Bryozoa, Protozoa, etc.

Meaning of Zoophorous

Zoophorous means: The part between the architrave and cornice; the frieze; -- so called from the figures of animals carved upon it.

Meaning of Zoophoric

Zoophoric means: Bearing or supporting the figure of an animal; as, a zoophoric column.

Meaning of Zoophite

Zoophite means: A zoophyte.

Meaning of Zoophily

Zoophily means: Love of animals.

Meaning of Zoophilist

Zoophilist means: A lover of animals.

Meaning of Zoophagous

Zoophagous means: Feeding on animals.

Meaning of Zoophagan

Zoophagan means: A animal that feeds on animal food.

Meaning of Zoophaga

Zoophaga means: An artificial group comprising various carnivorous and insectivorous animals.

Meaning of Zoopathology

Zoopathology means: Animal pathology.

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