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Definition of Spotter

Spotter n. means: One who spots.

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Spotter n. means: One who spots.

Meaning of Spotter

Spotter (n.) means: One who spots.

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Spotter (n.): One who spots.

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Meaning of SPOTTER

SPOTTER means: Spy, company man assigned to snoop around and check on employees

Meaning of Deck Spotter

Deck Spotter means: Derogatory term for a pilot who looks away from the ball to peek at the deck.

Meaning of Forced Reps:

Forced Reps: means: Almost as fun as they sound (insert grunts and groans here), these are extra repetitions at the end of a set that require the help of a spotter (think a bit beyond failure). The incentive: the potential for greater gains in muscle mass and strength.

Meaning of Skullcrushers:

Skullcrushers: means: Don’t worry, relatively few skulls have actually been harmed during this dynamic triceps exercise. Still, the move brings the barbell (or dumbbells) within inches of the forehead, making for an adrenaline-pumping exercise. We definitely advise a spotter for this one!

Meaning of train-spotter

train-spotter means: 1 n a person whose hobby is to, well, spot trains. They stand in railway stations or on bridges and note down the types and serial numbers of any trains that go past. I was fortunate enough to be in Reading Station one afternoon while a train-spotting convention was in town; the place was a sea of bright yellow reflective jackets and they had video cameras set up on each platform. Perhaps it’s a social thing. Anyway, the term was made a household one by Irvine Welsh’s excellent book, Trainspotting, which is not about spotting trains. 2 n nerd. Stemming directly from the prior definition, this word has come to mean anyone who is a little too engrossed in one particular none-too-interesting subject, and probably a virgin.

Meaning of Spotter

Spotter means: One who spots.

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Meaning of Augurer

Augurer means: An augur.

Meaning of Cilician

Cilician means: A native or inhabitant of Cilicia.

Meaning of Denim

Denim means: A coarse cotton drilling used for overalls, etc.

Meaning of Mahometism

Mahometism means: See Mohammedanism.

Meaning of Minifying

Minifying means: of Minify

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DIRTY DAUGHTER means: Dirty daughter is London Cockney rhyming slang for water.


PICK UP ONE'S DRUM means: Pick up one's drum is British slang for to storm off in a temper.

Meaning of mard, mardy

mard, mardy means: Moody, sulky, stroppy or in a tantrum. Used as in "Having a mard", "He's mardy", "He's a mard", "Mardy bastard.". (Mardy is mostly interchangeable with mard). If you piss someone off and they are upset you say "Mmm.... mmmmm... mmmmmm..... MMMMaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrdddd" in a high pitch voice causing them to go red in the face and boil with rage hence they are Mardy. Another contribution described it as follows: "Mostly by my cousin & her extended family around Coventry. Means moody, miserable, particularly when tired, and almost exclusively to describe females. eg "Ooooh, you're a bit mardy today" or when adults "Mardy Bitch" to describe miserable females in nightclubs.".

Meaning of Beat

Beat means: Broke

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