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Definition of Staunchly

Staunchly means: Alt. of Staunchness

What is the meaning/definition of Staunchly ?

Staunchly means: Alt. of Staunchness

Meaning of Staunchly

Staunchly means: Alt. of Staunchness

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Staunchly (): Alt. of Staunchness

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Meaning of Staunchly

Staunchly means: Alt. of Staunchness

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Meaning of Intershock

Intershock means: To shock mutually.

Meaning of Larceny

Larceny means: The unlawful taking and carrying away of things personal with intent to deprive the right owner of the same; theft. Cf. Embezzlement.

Meaning of Nautiform

Nautiform means: Shaped like the hull of a ship.

Meaning of Outerly

Outerly means: Utterly; entirely.

Meaning of Undeniable

Undeniable means: Unobjectionable; unquestionably excellent; as, a person of undeniable connections.

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Meaning of do one's fruit

do one's fruit means: Vrb phrs. To be extremely annoyed. E.g."Sharon's going to do her fruit when she finds David's stuck his bloody nose into her business again."

Meaning of pudding

pudding means: n dessert: If you keep spitting at your grandfather like that you’re going to bed without any pudding! Brits do also use the word in the same sense as Americans do (Christmas pudding, rice pudding, etc). The word “dessert” is used in the U.K. but really only in restaurants, never in the home. To complicate things further, the Brits have main meal dishes which are described as pudding - black pudding and white pudding. These are revolting subsistence foods from the dark ages made with offal, ground oatmeal, dried pork and rubbish from the kitchen floor. The difference between the black and white puddings is that the black one contains substantial quantities of blood. This, much like haggis, is one of those foodstuffs that modern life has saved us from but that people insist on dredging up because it’s a part of their “cultural heritage.” Bathing once a year and shitting in a bucket was a part of your cultural heritage too, you know. At least be consistent.

Meaning of diamond back

diamond back means: An expensive and highly desirable model of BMX bicycle.

Meaning of scarbelly

scarbelly means: Oldish women with cesarian scar on her belly.

Meaning of Shark bait

Shark bait means: Going to die soon

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