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Definition of Went

Went imp. means: of Go

What is the meaning/definition of Went ?

Went imp. means: of Go

Meaning of Went

Went (imp.) means: of Go

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Meaning of Acrid

Acrid means: Sharp and harsh, or bitter and not, to the taste; pungent; as, acrid salts.

Meaning of His

His means: Belonging or pertaining to him; -- used as a pronominal adjective or adjective pronoun; as, tell John his papers are ready; formerly used also for its, but this use is now obsolete.

Meaning of Inimicality

Inimicality means: The state or quality of being inimical or hostile; hostility; unfriendliness.

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Rebukable means: Worthy of rebuke or reprehension; reprehensible.

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Meaning of BEAK

BEAK means: Beak is English slang for a magistrate or judge.Beak is slang for a person's nose, especially one that is large, pointed, or hooked.

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NOSTRIL INTRUDER means: Nostril intruder is British slang for an annoying person.

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kick up the arse/backside means: Vrb phrs. An encouragement to someone to stop being lazy or slow. E.g."If Annie wants to pass her exams then she needs a good kick up the arse."

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