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Definition of Influencer

Influencer n. means: One who, or that which, influences.

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Influencer n. means: One who, or that which, influences.

Meaning of Influencer

Influencer (n.) means: One who, or that which, influences.

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Influencer (n.): One who, or that which, influences.

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Meaning of Influencer

Influencer means: One who, or that which, influences.

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thatcher years means: A time of abject poverty for masses of citizens of the UK despite billions of dollars flowing into the Treasury coffers from oil revenue. Alternative view of this period passed on by Mike Blackburn: The 'Thatcher Years' were simply a period during which Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister of the UK. Your definition above is rubbish. This was the time of the housing boom in Britain, the yuppie arrived, there was a perceived turning away from any corporate mentality and an embracing of selfishness and personal gain. There was not widespread poverty, any more than there was during any other decade of the 20th century. The gap between rich and poor, however, did grow rather alarmingly. NOBODY refers to Thatcher Years as being a time of great poverty, aside, maybe, from misinformed Americans (you don't think Americans can be misinformed? Who voted for George W then?). (ed: I'm Welsh by birth and lived in Wales during most of the Thatcher Years. I know there was desperate poverty amongst many, many people - because I lived the horror myself and saw first hand the collapse of communities. There were streets I know where the only person working was employed by the DSS to administer payments to the others. The comment about the gap widening between rich and poor was spot on and resulted in Cardboard City - which was a community of hundreds of impoverished people who, had to live in boxes under Waterloo Station in the heart of 'affluent London'. And this was just one instance of overt degeneration of society under that government. Personally I think Mike was insulated somehow from the worst of Thatcherism. The larger part of the population suffered - badly!) Kevin sends in the following addition: 3 million unemployed officially but more like 6 million in reality. Miner's Strike; destruction of Britain's industrial base; top 10% never better off; bottom 10% never worse off. (ed: Anyone want to expand further - either side of the equation?) UK

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