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Definition of La

La n. means: The tone A; -- so called among the French and Italians.

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La n. means: The tone A; -- so called among the French and Italians.

Meaning of La

La (n.) means: The tone A; -- so called among the French and Italians.

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Meaning of Chapel

Chapel means: A choir of singers, or an orchestra, attached to the court of a prince or nobleman.

Meaning of Duodecimal

Duodecimal means: Proceeding in computation by twelves; expressed in the scale of twelves.

Meaning of Hypochondria

Hypochondria means: Hypochondriasis; melancholy; the blues.

Meaning of Impute

Impute means: To charge; to ascribe; to attribute; to set to the account of; to charge to one as the author, responsible originator, or possessor; -- generally in a bad sense.

Meaning of Polluter

Polluter means: One who pollutes.

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Meaning of SCOOTER

SCOOTER means: Scooter is slang for a small car; a single−decker bus.

Meaning of put a bee in your bonnet

put a bee in your bonnet means: Tell something interesting. Why are you grinning? You look like somebody's put a bee in your bonnet.

Meaning of rubber

rubber means: n eraser. Be very, very careful. Limeys visiting the United States are urged by the government to write this translation on the back of their hands and not to wash until they leave.

Meaning of DROP

DROP means: Switching movement in which cars are cut off from an engine and allowed to coast to their places. (See hump)

Meaning of madza caroon

madza caroon means: half-a-crown (2/6) from the mid 1800s. A combination of medza, a corruption of Italian mezzo meaning half, and a mispronunciation or interpretation of crown. Madza caroon is an example of 'ligua franca' slang which in this context means langauge used or influenced by foreigners or immigrants, like a sort of pidgin or hybrid English-foreign slang, in this case mixed with Italian, which logically implies that much of the early usage was in the English Italian communities. Mezzo/madza was and is potentially confused with, and popularity supported by, the similar 'motsa' (see motsa entry).

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