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Definition of Lenticula

Lenticula n. means: A lens of small size.

What is the meaning/definition of Lenticula ?

Lenticula n. means: A lens of small size.

Meaning of Lenticula

Lenticula (n.) means: A lens of small size.

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Lenticulas (pl. ): of Lenticula

Lenticulae (pl. ): of Lenticula

Lenticula (n.): A lenticel.

Lenticula (n.): A lens of small size.

Lenticula (n.): A kind of eruption upon the skin; lentigo; freckle.

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Meaning of Lenticulas

Lenticulas means: of Lenticula

Meaning of Lenticulae

Lenticulae means: of Lenticula

Meaning of Lenticula

Lenticula means: A lenticel.

Meaning of Lenticula

Lenticula means: A lens of small size.

Meaning of Lenticula

Lenticula means: A kind of eruption upon the skin; lentigo; freckle.

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