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Meaning of BAGGED

BAGGED means: Bagged is slang for to be arrested.

Meaning of BAGGER

BAGGER means: Bagger is slang for a robber who violently steals rings from their owners fingers.

Meaning of BAGGIES

BAGGIES means: Baggies is slang for wide shorts as worn by surfers.

Meaning of BAGGING

BAGGING means: Bagging is British slang for a packed lunch. Bagging is Australian slang for criticism.

Meaning of BAGGY GREEN

BAGGY GREEN means: Baggy green is Australian slang for a cricket player in the Australian national team.

Meaning of BAGPIPE

BAGPIPE means: Bagpipe is slang for a boring or monotonous speaker.Bagpipe is slang for the sexual practise of using the armpit to stimulate the genitals. Bagpipe isBlack−American slang for vacuum cleaner.

Meaning of BAGS

BAGS means: Bags is British children's slang for an indication of the desire to do, be, or have something. Bags is slang for trousers.Bags is American slang for breasts.

Meaning of BAGSY

BAGSY means: Bagsy is British children's slang for an indication of the desire to do, be, or have something.

Meaning of BAIDIE

BAIDIE means: Baidie is British slang for bad−tempered, aggressive.

Meaning of BAIL

BAIL means: Bail is American and Australian slang for depart or leave.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of avoir de la bouteille

avoir de la bouteille means: become mellow; grow mellow

Meaning of avoir cours

avoir cours means: be in current use

Meaning of avoir bon espirt

avoir bon espirt means: be cooperative

Meaning of avoir beau faire

avoir beau faire means: be in vain

Meaning of avoir beau dire

avoir beau dire means: speak in vain; whatever someone says…

Meaning of avoir barre(s) sur qqn

avoir barre(s) sur qqn means: have an advantage over sb; have power over sb; have a hold on sb (lit.: have bar(s) over someone)

Meaning of avoir assez (en)

avoir assez (en) means: have enough

Meaning of avoir affaire à

avoir affaire à means: deal with; have dealings with

Meaning of avis aux amateurs

avis aux amateurs means: any takers? a word to the wise (lit.: advice to amateurs; n.b.: ironic or sarcastic)

Meaning of avec tout  le tralala

avec tout  le tralala means: the works; with everything; with a great fuss

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