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Meaning of BALLSY

BALLSY means: Ballsy is slang for courageous, spirited, determined.

Meaning of BALLUP

BALLUP means: Ballup is American slang for something botched or muddled.

Meaning of BALLY

BALLY means: Bally is British slang for very.


BALMY BREEZE means: Balmy breeze is London Cockney rhyming slang for cheese.

Meaning of BALONEY

BALONEY means: Baloney is slang for nonsense.

Meaning of BALONIE

BALONIE means: Balonie is Polari slang for rubbish, nonsense.

Meaning of BALSAM

BALSAM means: Balsam is old slang for money.

Meaning of BALT

BALT means: Balt is derogatory Australian slang for an immigrant to Australia from the Baltic countries.

Meaning of BAM

BAM means: Bam is slang for to cheat or to wheedle.

Meaning of BAMA

BAMA means: Bama is American slang for Alabama.Bama is Black American slang for the south.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of à propos

à propos means: by the way; incidentally

Meaning of à pleins poumons

à pleins poumons means: at the top of one’s lungs

Meaning of à perte de vue

à perte de vue means: as far as (one) can see

Meaning of à peine

à peine means: hardly, scarcely, just

Meaning of à pas de loup

à pas de loup means: with great strides, quickly (lit.: at wolf steps)

Meaning of à partir de 

à partir de  means: from now

Meaning of à mon/ton/son gré

à mon/ton/son gré means: as I/you/he/she likes; at I/you/he/she wish

Meaning of à mon/ton/son avis

à mon/ton/son avis means: in my opinion; if you ask me

Meaning of à mi-chemin entre

à mi-chemin entre means: between; halfway between

Meaning of à merveille

à merveille means: wonderfully, marvellously

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