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Meaning of BAMBA

BAMBA means: Bamba is slang for cannabis.

Meaning of BAMBER

BAMBER means: Bamber is American slang for second−rate marijuana.

Meaning of BAMBOO

BAMBOO means: Bamboo is Jamaican slang for the penis.

Meaning of BAMBOOING

BAMBOOING means: Bambooing is slang for a whipping, a caning.

Meaning of BAMBS

BAMBS means: Bambs is slang for Phenobarbital.

Meaning of BAMBU

BAMBU means: Bambu is slang for a joint in rolling paper made of hemp.

Meaning of BAMMY

BAMMY means: Bammy is Jamaican slang for marijuana.

Meaning of BAMPOT

BAMPOT means: Bampot is derogatory Scottish slang for an idiot or imbecile.

Meaning of BANANA

BANANA means: Banana is slang for a foolish person. Banana is slang for a homosexual.Banana is Black−American slang for an attractive light skinned Black−American female. Banana wasAustralian slang for a one pound note.Banana is Jamaican slang for the penis.


BANANA BENDER means: Banana bender is Australian slang for an inhabitant of Queensland.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of à ma connaissance

à ma connaissance means: as far as I know; to my knowledge

Meaning of à long terme

à long terme means: in the long run

Meaning of à l'oeuvre

à l'oeuvre means: at work

Meaning of à la volée

à la volée means: quickly, rapidly

Meaning of à la place

à la place means: instead, in (its) place

Meaning of à la pelle

à la pelle means: in quantity

Meaning of à la noix 

à la noix  means: lousy (e.g.: ideas)

Meaning of à la mort

à la mort means: to the utmost; to death. 1. Un surfer doit avoir une coupe de cheveux à la mode.

Meaning of à la mode

à la mode means: in fashion, fashionable, current

Meaning of à la longue

à la longue means: over time, in the long run

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