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Meaning of BACKDOOR

BACKDOOR means: Backdoor is slang for to commit adultery with.Backdoor is slang for to act covertly or deviously. To deceive or betray.


BACKDOOR MAN means: Backdoor man is black−American slang for a married woman's lover.


BACKDOOR WORK means: Backdoor work is slang for anal sex.

Meaning of BACKER

BACKER means: Backer is slang for an investor.

Meaning of BACKFIRE

BACKFIRE means: Backfire is slang for to break wind from the anus.


BACKGROUNDER means: Backgrounder is political slang for a conversation between a government official and a reporter that takes place only on the condition that the official is not quoted directly or named in the report.

Meaning of BACKHACK

BACKHACK means: Backhack is Dorset slang for to break up clods of earth with a mallet.


BACKHANDER means: Backhander is slang for a bribe.Backhander is slang for a blow with a hand.

Meaning of BACKHOUSE

BACKHOUSE means: Backhouse is Dorset slang for an outhouse.


BACKSEAT DRIVER means: Backseat driver is slang for a passenger in a car who offers the driver unwanted advice on how to drive. Backseat driver is London Cockney rhyming slang for skiver.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of avoir le coeur sur la main

avoir le coeur sur la main means: be kindhearted; give the shirt off one’s back; wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve (lit.: have the heart in the hand)

Meaning of avoir le cafard

avoir le cafard means: be down in the dumps; have the blues (lit.: to have the cockroach)

Meaning of avoir le bras long

avoir le bras long means: have pull; have influence

Meaning of avoir le bourdon

avoir le bourdon means: feel down; be depressed; have the blues (lit.: to have the bumblebee)

Meaning of avoir la tête en ailleurs

avoir la tête en ailleurs means: be elsewhere mentally

Meaning of avoir la pêche

avoir la pêche means: feel energetic; feel energized

Meaning of avoir la patate

avoir la patate means: be in shape

Meaning of avoir la manie de

avoir la manie de means: be fanatical about

Meaning of avoir la haine

avoir la haine means: be angry, disgusted

Meaning of avoir la gerbe

avoir la gerbe means: feel nauseous (n.b.: gerber in French means to vomit, puke, or throw up)

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