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Meaning of CAS

CAS means: Cas is American slang for relaxed, nonchalant. Cas is American slang for good, acceptable.

Meaning of CASCADE

CASCADE means: Cascade is slang for to vomit.

Meaning of CASE

CASE means: Case is slang for a mad person.Case is slang for to inspect carefully (especially a place to be robbed).Case is British slang for the last one.Case was old slang for a brothel.

Meaning of CASED UP

CASED UP means: Cased up is British slang for to be dressed. Cassed up was old slang living together.

Meaning of CASER

CASER means: Caser is British slang for twenty−five pence. Caser was old British slang for five shillings.


CASH AND CARRIED means: Cash and carried is London Cockney rhyming slang for married.


CASH AND CARRY means: Cash and carry is London Cockney rhyming slang for marry.

Meaning of CASH IN

CASH IN means: Cash in is slang for to die.

Meaning of CASO

CASO means: Caso is British slang for mad, unpredictable.

Meaning of CASSAVA

CASSAVA means: Cassava is American slang for the female genitals.Cassava is American slang for a woman, especially an available one.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of attraper le coup

attraper le coup means: get the knack; get the swing of (lit.: to trap a blow)

Meaning of attention à

attention à means: watch out (for)

Meaning of asperge

asperge means: tall, thin person

Meaning of arrondir ses fins de mois

arrondir ses fins de mois means: supplement one’s income

Meaning of armoire à glace

armoire à glace means: muscleman

Meaning of armé jusqu'aux cheveux

armé jusqu'aux cheveux means: armed to the teeth

Meaning of aristo

aristo means: aristocrat

Meaning of araignée au plafond

araignée au plafond means: have bats in the belfry; be batty

Meaning of après coup

après coup means: after the event; after the fact

Meaning of appuyer sur le champignon

appuyer sur le champignon means: floor it; keep one’s foot on the accelerator (lit.: press on the mushroom)

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