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Meaning of DE−FROSTED

DE−FROSTED means: De−frosted is American slang for heated, agitated.


DEAD AND ALIVE means: Dead and alive is British slang for a misreable person.


DEAD AND ALIVE HOLE means: Dead and alive hole is British slang for a miserable, depressing place.

Meaning of DEAD BANG

DEAD BANG means: Dead bang is American slang for caught red−handed.

Meaning of DEAD BODY

DEAD BODY means: Dead body is British slang for a boring person who doesn't like to socialise.

Meaning of DEAD DUCK

DEAD DUCK means: Dead duck is slang for a person or thing doomed to death, failure, etc., especially because of a mistake or misjudgement.

Meaning of DEAD EYE

DEAD EYE means: Dead eye is British slang for the anus.

Meaning of DEAD EYE DICK

DEAD EYE DICK means: Dead eye Dick is British slang for a male homosexual.


DEAD FROM THE NECK UP means: Dead from the neck up is British slang for stupid.

Meaning of DEAD LOSS

DEAD LOSS means: Dead loss is London Cockney rhyming slang for boss.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of avoir de la bouteille

avoir de la bouteille means: become mellow; grow mellow

Meaning of avoir cours

avoir cours means: be in current use

Meaning of avoir bon espirt

avoir bon espirt means: be cooperative

Meaning of avoir beau faire

avoir beau faire means: be in vain

Meaning of avoir beau dire

avoir beau dire means: speak in vain; whatever someone says…

Meaning of avoir barre(s) sur qqn

avoir barre(s) sur qqn means: have an advantage over sb; have power over sb; have a hold on sb (lit.: have bar(s) over someone)

Meaning of avoir assez (en)

avoir assez (en) means: have enough

Meaning of avoir affaire à

avoir affaire à means: deal with; have dealings with

Meaning of avis aux amateurs

avis aux amateurs means: any takers? a word to the wise (lit.: advice to amateurs; n.b.: ironic or sarcastic)

Meaning of avec tout  le tralala

avec tout  le tralala means: the works; with everything; with a great fuss

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