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Meaning of DEB'S DELIGHT

DEB'S DELIGHT means: Deb's delight is British slang for an eligible, but simple, young man.

Meaning of DECK

DECK means: Deck is slang for to knock someone to the ground. Deck is slang for a package of illicit drugs.Deck is slang for a skateboard. Deck is slang for a surfboard.

Meaning of DECK CARGO

DECK CARGO means: Deck cargo is British slang for women's breasts.

Meaning of DECK IT

DECK IT means: Deck it is British slang for to make a car travel at top speed.

Meaning of DECK UP

DECK UP means: Deck up is slang for prepare for injection or inject with a drug, usually heroin.

Meaning of DECKO

DECKO means: Decko is British slang for to have a look.


DECORATE PAVEMENT means: Decorate pavement is American slang for to vomit

Meaning of DEECE

DEECE means: Deece is Black−American slang for a dime

Meaning of DEEDLE

DEEDLE means: Deedle is British slang for a dunce, a foolish person, a simpleton.

Meaning of DEEFER

DEEFER means: Deefer (shortened from D for dunce) is London Cockney rhyming slang for money.

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Meaning of au diable

au diable means: way out; in the sticks; in the boondocks

Meaning of au dam de

au dam de means: to the detriment of; to the displeasure of

Meaning of au courant

au courant means: current, up to date

Meaning of au cas où

au cas où means: in case

Meaning of au bout de son rouleau

au bout de son rouleau means: at the end of one’s rope

Meaning of au bout de compte

au bout de compte means: in the final analysis

Meaning of au besoin

au besoin means: if necessary, if need be (lit.: at the need)

Meaning of attraper le coup

attraper le coup means: get the knack; get the swing of (lit.: to trap a blow)

Meaning of attention à

attention à means: watch out (for)

Meaning of asperge

asperge means: tall, thin person

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