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Meaning of DAVY LARGE

DAVY LARGE means: Davy Large is British rhyming slang for a barge.

Meaning of DAWK

DAWK means: Dawk is Dorset slang for to push.

Meaning of DAY AND NIGHT

DAY AND NIGHT means: Day and night is London Cockney rhyming slang for light.

Meaning of DAY'S A DAWNING

DAY'S A DAWNING means: Day's a dawning is London Cockney rhyming slang for morning.

Meaning of DAY−GLO

DAY−GLO means: Day−glo is slang for gaudy.


DAYLIGHTING means: Daylighting is slang for working on a second job during daylight hours.

Meaning of DAZZLER

DAZZLER means: Dazzler is British slang for the sun.

Meaning of DE FACTO

DE FACTO means: De facto is Australian slang for a live−in−lover.

Meaning of DE−BAG

DE−BAG means: De−bag is British slang for to forcibly remove someone's trousers.

Meaning of DE−DYKE

DE−DYKE means: De−dyke is slang for remove or conceal evidence of lesbianism.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of avoir qqn dans le nez 

avoir qqn dans le nez  means: hate someone

Meaning of avoir qqn aux trousses

avoir qqn aux trousses means: have someone hot on one’s heels

Meaning of avoir peur

avoir peur means: be afraid

Meaning of avoir mauvais espirt

avoir mauvais espirt means: be uncooperative

Meaning of avoir mangé du lion

avoir mangé du lion means: have a tiger in one’s tank; have incredible energy

Meaning of avoir louche

avoir louche means: be in trouble; have problems

Meaning of avoir les quatre fers en l’air

avoir les quatre fers en l’air means: be dead

Meaning of avoir les pétoches

avoir les pétoches means: be scared

Meaning of avoir les jetons

avoir les jetons means: be scared; have the jitters; have the willies

Meaning of avoir les foies

avoir les foies means: have cold feet

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