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FILLET OF VEAL means: Fillet of veal is London Cockney rhyming slang for prison (steel).

Meaning of FILLETED

FILLETED means: Filleted is British slang for very disappointed.

Meaning of FILTH

FILTH means: Filth is slang for the police.

Meaning of FILTHY

FILTHY means: Filthy is British slang for extremely wealthy.

Meaning of FIN

FIN means: Fin is slang for a hand.Fin is British slang for a five pound note.Fin is American slang for a five−dollar bill.Fin was old slang for an arm.

Meaning of FINAGLING

FINAGLING means: Finagling is slang for a devious manoeuvre or manipulation.

Meaning of FINANCIAL

FINANCIAL means: Financial is Australian slang for well−off, solvent.

Meaning of FIND

FIND means: Find is British slang for to steal.


FINE AND DANDY means: Fine and dandy is London Cockney rhyming slang for brandy.


FINESSE SOMEONE means: Finesse someone is American slang for outmanoeuvre someone, cheat someone.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of abattre son jeu

abattre son jeu means: show one’s hand (lit.: bring out one’s play)

Meaning of abattre ses cartes

abattre ses cartes means: show one’s cards; show one’s hand (lit.: bring out one’s cards)

Meaning of abattre du travail

abattre du travail means: get through a lot of work (lit.: cut down/through the work)

Meaning of à vue de nez 

à vue de nez  means: roughly

Meaning of à votre aise

à votre aise means: suit yourself; as you like (lit.: to your pleasure)

Meaning of à tue-tête

à tue-tête means: at the top of one’s lungs

Meaning of à toutes les sauces

à toutes les sauces means: in all sorts of ways

Meaning of à toutes jambes

à toutes jambes means: swiftly, quickly

Meaning of à tout rompre

à tout rompre means: to the utmost

Meaning of à tout propos

à tout propos means: every other minute; without interruption

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