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Meaning of GASH

GASH means: Gash is slang for surplus to requirements; unnecessary, extra, or spare. Gash is slang for cannabis.Gash is slang for a girl or woman. Gash is slang for a female's genitals.

Meaning of GASOLINE

GASOLINE means: Gasoline is slang for amyl nitrate (or any associated inhalant drug).


GASP AND GRUNT means: Gasp and grunt is London Cockney rhyming slang for a despicable person (cunt).

Meaning of GASPER

GASPER means: Gasper is slang for a cigarette.Gasper is British slang for a cheap cigarette.

Meaning of GASSED

GASSED means: Gassed is slang for drunk.

Meaning of GASSER

GASSER means: Gasser is slang for something very amusing or impressive.Gasser is American slang for a depressing experience, person, or situation.Gasser is medical slang for an anaesthesiologist.

Meaning of GASSING

GASSING means: Gassing is slang for boasting; insincere or empty talk.Gassing is British slang for pretending to be from a utility company in order to gain entry and rob ahouse.

Meaning of GAT

GAT means: Gat is slang for a pistol or revolver.

Meaning of GATE

GATE means: Gate is a slang suffix for a scandal. Gate is slang for the mouth.Gate is Black−American slang for a jazz musician or other hip person.

Meaning of GATE ARREST

GATE ARREST means: Gate arrest is British slang for arresting a prisoner as he leaves prison for another offence.

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Meaning of Marmite

Marmite means:

Meaning of harse

harse means:

Meaning of means:

Meaning of


Meaning of Choker

Choker means: That bitch suck dick. She a hoe on the corner

Meaning of


Meaning of


Meaning of

means: XXX

Meaning of


Meaning of Xxxxx

Xxxxx means: Xxxx

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