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Meaning of HAPPY FAG

HAPPY FAG means: Happy fag is British slang for a marijuana cigarette.

Meaning of HAPPY FEET

HAPPY FEET means: Happy feet is nursing slang for having a grand mal epileptic seizure.

Meaning of HAPPY HOURS

HAPPY HOURS means: Happy hours is London Cockney rhyming slang for flowers.

Meaning of HAPPY JUICE

HAPPY JUICE means: Happy juice is British slang for alcoholic drink.

Meaning of HAPPY PILL

HAPPY PILL means: Happy pill is British slang for a tranquilliser tablet.


HAPPY POWDER means: Happy Powder is slang for cocaine.

Meaning of HAPPY STICK

HAPPY STICK means: Happy stick is slang for a cannabis cigarette.

Meaning of HAPPY−PRATT

HAPPY−PRATT means: Happy−pratt is British slang for a miserable woman.

Meaning of HAPS

HAPS means: Haps is Black−American slang for happenings, refers to any significant incident

Meaning of HARBOUR

HARBOUR means: Harbour is British slang for the vagina.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Probity-Ringer

Probity-Ringer means: Person who uses or expresses moral sounding values or principles to project themselves as righteous and virtuous, but in reality the individual holds no personal belief in these values, only insofar as to use them to claim the moral high ground in order to win debate

Meaning of

means: ishkababadadadadex

Meaning of penal

penal means:

Meaning of

means: Feed the pony

Meaning of

means: Slang meaning or definition and example

Meaning of The L

The L means: Taking the L means to take a loss.

Meaning of


Meaning of mcm

mcm means: Men crush mondays

Meaning of Slang

Slang means:

Meaning of avorton

avorton means: runt

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