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Meaning of HAPPY FAG

HAPPY FAG means: Happy fag is British slang for a marijuana cigarette.

Meaning of HAPPY FEET

HAPPY FEET means: Happy feet is nursing slang for having a grand mal epileptic seizure.

Meaning of HAPPY HOURS

HAPPY HOURS means: Happy hours is London Cockney rhyming slang for flowers.

Meaning of HAPPY JUICE

HAPPY JUICE means: Happy juice is British slang for alcoholic drink.

Meaning of HAPPY PILL

HAPPY PILL means: Happy pill is British slang for a tranquilliser tablet.


HAPPY POWDER means: Happy Powder is slang for cocaine.

Meaning of HAPPY STICK

HAPPY STICK means: Happy stick is slang for a cannabis cigarette.

Meaning of HAPPY−PRATT

HAPPY−PRATT means: Happy−pratt is British slang for a miserable woman.

Meaning of HAPS

HAPS means: Haps is Black−American slang for happenings, refers to any significant incident

Meaning of HARBOUR

HARBOUR means: Harbour is British slang for the vagina.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of âme damnée

âme damnée means: henchman; tool (lit.: soul damned)

Meaning of aller sur les brisées de qqn

aller sur les brisées de qqn means: tread on someone’s territory

Meaning of aller de soi

aller de soi means: be self-evident

Meaning of ajouter fois aux dires de qn

ajouter fois aux dires de qn means: give credence to sb’s words (lit.: to add faith to what someone says)

Meaning of affreux jojo

affreux jojo means: nasty person

Meaning of ado

ado means: teen; teenager; adolescent (abbr. from adolescent). 1. C’est donc une discussion hyper intense d’ados.

Meaning of acheter chat en poche

acheter chat en poche means: buy a pig in a poke (lit.: buy a cat in the pocket)

Meaning of accorder ses violons

accorder ses violons means: get one’s story straight (lit.: to tune one’s violins; n.b: usually used in the plural to refer to several people collaborating to create or agree upon a

Meaning of abruti

abruti means: idiot, twit, jerk (n.b.: colloquial) (e.g.: il est un abruti)

Meaning of abonder en/dans le sense de

abonder en/dans le sense de means: be entirely in agreement with (lit.: be full in the sense of)

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