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Meaning of HARD SPIEL

HARD SPIEL means: Hard spiel is Black−American slang for jive talk

Meaning of HARD STUFF

HARD STUFF means: Hard stuff is British slang for strong alcoholic liquor.

Meaning of HARD UP

HARD UP means: Hard up is slang for without money.

Meaning of HARD WORD

HARD WORD means: Hard word is slang for rejection or condemnation.

Meaning of HARD−ARSE

HARD−ARSE means: Hard−arse is slang for a tough, unyielding, severe person.

Meaning of HARD−ARSED

HARD−ARSED means: Hard−arsed is slang for severe, aggressive, tough, uncompromising.

Meaning of HARD−FACED

HARD−FACED means: Hard−faced is British slang for brazen, shameless, unfeeling.

Meaning of HARD−HAT

HARD−HAT means: Hard−hat is American slang for a construction worker. Especially one with right−wing attitudes.

Meaning of HARD−ON

HARD−ON means: Hard−on is slang for an erect penis.

Meaning of HARDBAG

HARDBAG means: Hardbag is slang for in an attempt to further categorize house music, this name was applied to handbag tunes which had the hard quality of European hardhouse.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of à tout propos

à tout propos means: on every occasion

Meaning of à tout prix

à tout prix means: at all costs

Meaning of à tout allure

à tout allure means: at full speed, at top speed

Meaning of à tort et à travers

à tort et à travers means: randomly, haphazardly

Meaning of à tire-larigot 

à tire-larigot  means: a lot (always at the end of a sentence, not used much anymore). 1. Il y en avait à tire-larigot.

Meaning of à temps

à temps means: in time

Meaning of à tel enseigne que

à tel enseigne que means: so much so that

Meaning of a son/ton/mon sujet

a son/ton/mon sujet means: about him/her/you/me

Meaning of à son insu

à son insu means: without someone’s knowing

Meaning of à propos de

à propos de means: about; concerning; with regard to. 1. Je voulais vous parler à propos de ce projet.

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