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Meaning of make do

make do means: cope ‘Don’t worry, I can make do.’

Meaning of make it snappy

make it snappy means: hurry up!

Meaning of make feathers fly

make feathers fly means: cause a commotion

Meaning of make tracks

make tracks means: depart ‘Ok, I’ll make tracks now’

Meaning of make waves

make waves means: cause trouble ‘I’m going to make waves about this.’

Meaning of malarky

malarky means: foolish talk

Meaning of mallee bull (as fit as)

mallee bull (as fit as) means: very fit and strong

Meaning of map of Tassie

map of Tassie means: a woman’s pubic area

Meaning of mash

mash means: mashed potatoes

Meaning of mate

mate means: friend, pal, buddy

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of à tout propos

à tout propos means: on every occasion

Meaning of à tout prix

à tout prix means: at all costs

Meaning of à tout allure

à tout allure means: at full speed, at top speed

Meaning of à tort et à travers

à tort et à travers means: randomly, haphazardly

Meaning of à tire-larigot 

à tire-larigot  means: a lot (always at the end of a sentence, not used much anymore). 1. Il y en avait à tire-larigot.

Meaning of à temps

à temps means: in time

Meaning of à tel enseigne que

à tel enseigne que means: so much so that

Meaning of a son/ton/mon sujet

a son/ton/mon sujet means: about him/her/you/me

Meaning of à son insu

à son insu means: without someone’s knowing

Meaning of à propos de

à propos de means: about; concerning; with regard to. 1. Je voulais vous parler à propos de ce projet.

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