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Meaning of mate’s rates

mate’s rates means: discount given to a friend

Meaning of matilda

matilda means: a swag

Meaning of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse means: wonderful ‘That’s Mickey Mouse’ (grouse)

Meaning of Middy

Middy means: 285 ml beer glass

Meaning of Miffy

Miffy means: easily upset

Meaning of Milk bar

Milk bar means: corner shop

Meaning of Misery guts

Misery guts means: unhappy person: ‘Put a smile on your dial, misery guts!’

Meaning of Missus

Missus means: wife ‘My missus won’t have a bar of it.’ ¬

Meaning of Mob

Mob means: a number of people

Meaning of Molly dooker

Molly dooker means: left handed

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of abruti

abruti means: idiot, twit, jerk (n.b.: colloquial) (e.g.: il est un abruti)

Meaning of abonder en/dans le sense de

abonder en/dans le sense de means: be entirely in agreement with (lit.: be full in the sense of)

Meaning of abattre son jeu

abattre son jeu means: show one’s hand (lit.: bring out one’s play)

Meaning of abattre ses cartes

abattre ses cartes means: show one’s cards; show one’s hand (lit.: bring out one’s cards)

Meaning of abattre du travail

abattre du travail means: get through a lot of work (lit.: cut down/through the work)

Meaning of à vue de nez 

à vue de nez  means: roughly

Meaning of à votre aise

à votre aise means: suit yourself; as you like (lit.: to your pleasure)

Meaning of à tue-tête

à tue-tête means: at the top of one’s lungs

Meaning of à toutes les sauces

à toutes les sauces means: in all sorts of ways

Meaning of à toutes jambes

à toutes jambes means: swiftly, quickly

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