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Meaning of Mm

Mm means: Mother I’d Like to F**k or Mom I’d Like To F**k.

Meaning of MHOTY

MHOTY means: Mm-hmmm, meaning yes.

Meaning of MIA

MIA means: My Hat’s Off To You.

Meaning of Mhm

Mhm means: My Face When.

Meaning of Meme

Meme means: Indifference.

Meaning of MFW

MFW means: An idea, style or action which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person.

Meaning of Me Gusta

Me Gusta means: Man Crush Monday.

Meaning of Meh

Meh means: Pleases me or it pleases me.

Meaning of MCE

MCE means: Master of Ceremonies or Microphone Controller.

Meaning of MCM

MCM means: Man Crush Everyday.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of avoir beau dire

avoir beau dire means: speak in vain; whatever someone says…

Meaning of avoir barre(s) sur qqn

avoir barre(s) sur qqn means: have an advantage over sb; have power over sb; have a hold on sb (lit.: have bar(s) over someone)

Meaning of avoir assez (en)

avoir assez (en) means: have enough

Meaning of avoir affaire à

avoir affaire à means: deal with; have dealings with

Meaning of avis aux amateurs

avis aux amateurs means: any takers? a word to the wise (lit.: advice to amateurs; n.b.: ironic or sarcastic)

Meaning of avec tout  le tralala

avec tout  le tralala means: the works; with everything; with a great fuss

Meaning of avec précaution

avec précaution means: cautiously; carefully

Meaning of avaler ses mots

avaler ses mots means: mumble (lit.: to swallow one’s words)

Meaning of avaler des couleuvres

avaler des couleuvres means: put up with a lot; swallow one’s pride

Meaning of aux abois

aux abois means: in desperate straits (used for people); at bay (used for animals) (lit.: at the baying)

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