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Meaning of MBN

MBN means: Mate.

Meaning of MC

MC means: Must Be Nice.

Meaning of M8

M8 means: Love You Like A Sister.

Meaning of MYT

MYT means: Meet You There

Meaning of MYOB

MYOB means: Mind Your Own Business

Meaning of MYL

MYL means: Mind Your Language

Meaning of MWS

MWS means: My Wife Says

Meaning of MWBRL

MWBRL means: More Will Be Revealed Later

Meaning of mvto

mvto means: it means thank you

Meaning of MVA w/PI

MVA w/PI means: Motor Vehicle Accident with Personal Injury

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of avoir fait sone temps

avoir fait sone temps means: have had one’s day

Meaning of avoir envie de

avoir envie de means: want to; feel like

Meaning of avoir du mal à

avoir du mal à means: have difficulty

Meaning of avoir du foin dans les bottes

avoir du foin dans les bottes means: have feathered one’s nest

Meaning of avoir du cran

avoir du cran means: have guts; be brave

Meaning of avoir du cachet

avoir du cachet means: have style

Meaning of avoir droit à

avoir droit à means: be entitled to

Meaning of avoir deux poids deux mesures

avoir deux poids deux mesures means: use a double standard

Meaning of avoir des ennuis

avoir des ennuis means: be in trouble; have problems

Meaning of avoir des antennes

avoir des antennes means: have a sixth sense; have contacts (lit.: to have antennas)

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