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Meaning of minty

minty means: Adj. Scruffy, dirty.

Meaning of misog

misog means: Noun. A grumpy old man. Acronym of miserable old git. See 'git'.

Meaning of mitch

mitch means: Verb. To play truant. Also mitch off. E.g."I'm not mitching off with my exams due next week." (Irish/South Wales/South West use)

Meaning of mithered

mithered means: Adj. Bothered, hassled. E.g."I can't be mithered to go shopping in town on a Saturday." [North/Midlands use]

Meaning of mob-handed

mob-handed means: Adv. In large numbers, en masse, with respect to people. E.g."We went down there mob-handed and made sure they understood that it wasnt worth starting a fight." {Informal}

Meaning of mod cons

mod cons means: Noun. Abb. of modern conveniences. Also all mod cons. E.g."The house was large and well kept, but it lacked mod cons such as a flushing toilet." {Informal}

Meaning of mofo

mofo means: Noun. A contemptible person. Abb. of 'motherfucker'. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of money for old rope

money for old rope means: Phrs. Easily attained profit or reward. {Informal}

Meaning of money shot

money shot means: Noun. The male orgasm shot, that usually determines the end of a sex scene in a pornographic film. Originally porn industry terminology. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of mongy bus

mongy bus means: Noun. A community care minibus for people with mental and physical disabilities. See 'mong'.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of avoir les dents longues

avoir les dents longues means: be very ambitious; set one's sights high (lit.: have long teeth)

Meaning of avoir les dents du found qui baignent

avoir les dents du found qui baignent means: be stuffed; be completely full (lit.: have back teeth that are swimming [in food])

Meaning of avoir les boules

avoir les boules means: be scared

Meaning of avoir le trac

avoir le trac means: have stagefright

Meaning of avoir le front

avoir le front means: have the audacity; have the courage

Meaning of avoir le diable au corps

avoir le diable au corps means: be possessed

Meaning of avoir le dessus

avoir le dessus means: be on top; be top dog; get the best of

Meaning of avoir le dernier mot

avoir le dernier mot means: have the last laugh

Meaning of avoir le démon de midi

avoir le démon de midi means: have a midlife crisis

Meaning of avoir le culte de qch ou qqn

avoir le culte de qch ou qqn means: worship someone or something

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