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RAZORBLADE means: Razorblade is British rhyming slang for a Black person (spade).

Meaning of RAZZ

RAZZ means: Razz is American and Canadian slang for to make fun of; deride.

Meaning of RAZZLE

RAZZLE means: Razzle is slang for a spree or good time.


RAZZLE−DAZZLE means: Razzle−dazzle is slang for a noisy or showy fuss or activity.


RAZZMATAZZ means: Razzmatazz is London Cockney rhyming slang for jazz music.

Meaning of RAZZO

RAZZO means: Razzo is slang for the nose.

Meaning of RE−ENTRY

RE−ENTRY means: Re−entry is slang for the return to normality after the effects of an LSD experience have worn off.

Meaning of RE−UP

RE−UP means: Re−up is American slang for re−enlist.

Meaning of REACH

REACH means: Reach is American slang for bribe.


REACH FOR THE SKY means: Reach for the sky is slang for the instruction to raise one's hands. Reach for the sky is slang for to try to attain one's dream.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of à la légère

à la légère means: without thinking, rashly

Meaning of à la gomme

à la gomme means: lousy (e.g.: ideas)

Meaning of à la fois

à la fois means: at the same time

Meaning of à la fleur de l’âge

à la fleur de l’âge means: in the prime of youth

Meaning of à la fin

à la fin means: alright already; enough (n.b.: said at the end of a sentence to indicate exasperation). 1. Tu fais chier, à la fin.

Meaning of à la figure

à la figure means: to someone’s face, in someone’s face

Meaning of à la faveur de

à la faveur de means: under cover of; thanks to

Meaning of à la dernière extremité

à la dernière extremité means: on the brink of death; at death’s door

Meaning of à la dérive

à la dérive means: adrift

Meaning of à la côte

à la côte means: on the rocks; in difficulty; in trouble (lit.: at the edge)

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