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Meaning of RADIO ONE'S

RADIO ONE'S means: Radio one's is London Cockney rhyming slang for diarrhoea (runs).


RADIO RENTAL means: Radio rental is Londonc Cockney rhyming slang for crazy, deranged, insane (mental).

Meaning of RADISH

RADISH means: Radish is British slang for a fool, an idiot.

Meaning of RAF

RAF means: RAF is British slang for an ugly woman (Rough As Fuck).

Meaning of RAFFERTY

RAFFERTY means: Rafferty is Australian and New Zealand slang for no rules at all.


RAFFLE TICKET means: Raffle ticket is London Cockney rhyming slang for a mistake (ricket).

Meaning of RAFT

RAFT means: Raft is American slang for a large collection of people or things taken indiscriminately.


RAFTING ON THE RIO CACA means: Rafting on the Rio Caca is American medical slang for massive diarrhoea.

Meaning of RAG

RAG means: Rag is slang for a newspaper.Rag is British naval slang for a sail, flag or ensign.Tag is British slang for the worst horse in a arace.Rag is British and American slang for a sanitary towel.Rag is American slang for to tease, put down, criticize. To nag or complain.Rag was slang for a banknote.Rag was slang for a small amount of money.Rag is slang for the curtain in a theatre.

Meaning of RAG AND BONE

RAG AND BONE means: Rag and bone is London Cockney rhyming slang for lavatory (throne).

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of alele agbagba tiele

alele agbagba tiele means: tiele tiele

Meaning of C.h.i.b.i.

C.h.i.b.i. means:

Meaning of Clout up

Clout up means:

Meaning of Air tights

Air tights means:

Meaning of freckle

freckle means:

Meaning of dig

dig means: nigger faggot

Meaning of put your tn foil down

put your tn foil down means:

Meaning of cruisin for a bruisin

cruisin for a bruisin means:

Meaning of

means: Close enough/near enough

Meaning of Chunky

Chunky means:

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