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Meaning of Vera Lynns

Vera Lynns means: Skins (Cigarette Papers)

Meaning of Vera Lynn

Vera Lynn means: Skin (cigarette paper). Got any vera's?

Meaning of Vera Lynn

Vera Lynn means: Gin. I'll have one more Vera before I hit the frog and toad.

Meaning of Vindaloo

Vindaloo means: Clue. He hasn't got a bloody vinda.

Meaning of Vac-head

Vac-head means: A TIE fighter pilot who flies "in the black" for the Imperial Navy.

Meaning of Victory kid

Victory kid means: One of hundreds of millions or billions of children born after the fall of the Galactic Empire.

Meaning of Valley Tan

Valley Tan means: A kind of liquor sold in Mormon Country.

Meaning of Vamoose

Vamoose means: To disappear or leave quickly.

Meaning of Vaulting House

Vaulting House means: Brothel.

Meaning of Velvet Couch -

Velvet Couch - means: A cowboy's bedroll.

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Meaning of à la légère

à la légère means: without thinking, rashly

Meaning of à la gomme

à la gomme means: lousy (e.g.: ideas)

Meaning of à la fois

à la fois means: at the same time

Meaning of à la fleur de l’âge

à la fleur de l’âge means: in the prime of youth

Meaning of à la fin

à la fin means: alright already; enough (n.b.: said at the end of a sentence to indicate exasperation). 1. Tu fais chier, à la fin.

Meaning of à la figure

à la figure means: to someone’s face, in someone’s face

Meaning of à la faveur de

à la faveur de means: under cover of; thanks to

Meaning of à la dernière extremité

à la dernière extremité means: on the brink of death; at death’s door

Meaning of à la dérive

à la dérive means: adrift

Meaning of à la côte

à la côte means: on the rocks; in difficulty; in trouble (lit.: at the edge)

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