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Meaning of WHACK

WHACK means: Whack is slang for phencyclidine. Whack is slang for heroin.Whack is British slang for a portion, share or allowance. Whack is American slang for a contract killing.Whack is American slang for to kill.Whack is American slang for an eccentric person.

Meaning of WHACK OFF

WHACK OFF means: Whack off is slang for to masturbate.

Meaning of WHACKED

WHACKED means: Whacked is British slang for exhausted.

Meaning of WHACKER

WHACKER means: Whacker is slang for an eccentric person.

Meaning of WHACKO

WHACKO means: Whacko is a slang exclamation of happiness, delight, etc. Whacko is slang for crazy, eccentric.


WHACKTABACKY means: Whacktabacky is slang for cannabis.

Meaning of WHACKY

WHACKY means: Whacky is slang for crazed, insane, eccentric.


WHACKYWEED means: Whackyweed is slang for cannabis.


WHAM−BAM−THANK−YOU−MA'AM means: Wham−bam−thank−you−ma'am is slang for a cursory sexual act.

Meaning of WHAMMERS

WHAMMERS means: Whammers is British slang for breasts.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of

means: Surely "I don't know"(quad erat demonstrandum apparently)

Meaning of chips

chips means:

Meaning of Tarnie

Tarnie means:

Meaning of binos

binos means:

Meaning of mother of saints

mother of saints means:

Meaning of Russian arsetickler

Russian arsetickler means: Doesn't fit in arse and doesn't tickle.

Meaning of dog and bone

dog and bone means:

Meaning of The

The means: "The cat is flargo"

Meaning of Flargo

Flargo means: When you can't eat your sandwich

Meaning of Puddles

Puddles means:

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