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WEISENHEIMER means: Weisenheimer is American slang for an obnoxious person who knows everything.

Meaning of WELCH

WELCH means: Welch is slang for to fail to repay a debt or obligation.

Meaning of WELCHER

WELCHER means: Welcher is slang for someone who fails to repay debts or obligations.

Meaning of WELL

WELL means: Well is British slang for very.

Meaning of WELL HUNG

WELL HUNG means: Well Hung is slang for having a large penis.

Meaning of WELL−OILED

WELL−OILED means: Well−oiled is slang for drunk, intoxicated.

Meaning of WELLIE

WELLIE means: Wellie is British slang for to dismiss.Wellie is British slang for to defeat, to bully, to attack.


WELLIE−WANGING means: Wellie−wanging is British slang for a sport in which the contestants try to throw a Wellington boot the furthest distance.

Meaning of WELLY

WELLY means: Welly is British slang for brute force.Welly is British slang for to kick forcefully.

Meaning of WELSH

WELSH means: Welsh is slang for to cheat by avoiding payment of bets or to dishonourably avoid the fulfilment of a pecuniary obligation.

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Meaning of Doogie

Doogie means: Doogie means to be dumb or silly

Meaning of Cappin

Cappin means: When someone is lying or flaughing

Meaning of


Meaning of pedes

pedes means:

Meaning of roulade

roulade means:

Meaning of Powder puff

Powder puff means: Construction cleanup last clean.

Meaning of


Meaning of wazz

wazz means:

Meaning of Sleeping s o.

Sleeping s o. means:

Meaning of uncapable

uncapable means: incapable

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