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Meaning of X

X means: X is slang for a kiss.X is slang for the drug ecstasy.

Meaning of X'S

X'S means: X's is betting slang for odds of /.

Meaning of X−AMOUNT

X−AMOUNT means: X−amount is Jamaican slang for an unspecified amount.

Meaning of X−OUT

X−OUT means: X−Out is slang for kill or eliminate.

Meaning of X−RATED

X−RATED means: X−rated is slang for a very salacious taboo or something very daring or pornographic.

Meaning of XD OUT

XD OUT means: Xd out is Black−American slang for something formerly important that is no longer significant

Meaning of XTC

XTC means: Xtc is slang for the drug ecstasy.

Meaning of X-rated

X-rated means: Adj. Lewd, obscene, pornographic. Taken from the now obsolete film classification rating. {Informal}.

Meaning of X-ray eyes

X-ray eyes means: Noun. Having the apparent ability to see through things.

Meaning of XTC

XTC means: Noun. Abb. of ecstasy (the pronunciation of), the drug MDMA. See 'ecstasy'.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

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Meaning of Testosterone Enanthate

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Meaning of Immobilienbewertung

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Meaning of High Mast Light

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Meaning of R&D Tax Specialists

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