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Meaning of YLH

YLH means: Your Loving Husband

Meaning of YLLO

YLLO means: You Lie Like Obama

Meaning of YLW

YLW means: Your Loving Wife

Meaning of YM

YM means: Your Mother

Meaning of YMAK

YMAK means: You May Already Know

Meaning of YMAL

YMAL means: You Might Also Like

Meaning of YMBKM

YMBKM means: You Must Be Kidding Me

Meaning of YMMD

YMMD means: You Make My Day -or- You Made My Day

Meaning of YMMV

YMMV means: Your Mileage May Vary


YMYBNYCSII means: You Made Your Bed Now You Can Sleep In It

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of au bout de compte

au bout de compte means: in the final analysis

Meaning of au besoin

au besoin means: if necessary, if need be (lit.: at the need)

Meaning of attraper le coup

attraper le coup means: get the knack; get the swing of (lit.: to trap a blow)

Meaning of attention à

attention à means: watch out (for)

Meaning of asperge

asperge means: tall, thin person

Meaning of arrondir ses fins de mois

arrondir ses fins de mois means: supplement one’s income

Meaning of armoire à glace

armoire à glace means: muscleman

Meaning of armé jusqu'aux cheveux

armé jusqu'aux cheveux means: armed to the teeth

Meaning of aristo

aristo means: aristocrat

Meaning of araignée au plafond

araignée au plafond means: have bats in the belfry; be batty

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