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Meaning of YNGBT

YNGBT means: You're Not Gonna Believe This

Meaning of YNK

YNK means: You Never Know

Meaning of Yooper

Yooper means: someone from U.P.

Meaning of YOYO

YOYO means: You're On Your Own

Meaning of YR

YR means: Yeah Right -or- you -or- your

Meaning of YRYOCC

YRYOCC means: You're Running on Your Own Cuckoo Clock

Meaning of YS

YS means: You Stinker

Meaning of YSAN

YSAN means: You're Such A Nerd

Meaning of ysdiw8

ysdiw8 means: why should i wait?

Meaning of YSIC

YSIC means: Why Should I Care?

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of avoir la cote

avoir la cote means: be well thought of (lit.: to have the quota)

Meaning of avoir la bouche en cœur

avoir la bouche en cœur means: simper

Meaning of avoir l’oeil

avoir l’oeil means: have a good eye; have a quick eye

Meaning of avoir l’habitude

avoir l’habitude means: be in the habit of

Meaning of avoir l’estomac ereux

avoir l’estomac ereux means: be famished

Meaning of avoir l’estomac dans les talons

avoir l’estomac dans les talons means: be famished; be starving

Meaning of avoir l’espirt mal tourné

avoir l’espirt mal tourné means: have a dirty mind; have an evil mind

Meaning of avoir l’espirt de clocher

avoir l’espirt de clocher means: be narrow-minded

Meaning of avoir l’air

avoir l’air means: seem; feel; appear (lit.: to have the air [of])

Meaning of avoir honte

avoir honte means: be ashamed; be embarassed

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