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Meaning of Yuck!

Yuck! means: An interjection of disgust. Yuck! How could you pick your nose in a restaurant!

Meaning of yucky

yucky means: Bad, disgusting. This food tastes yucky.

Meaning of yummy

yummy means: Delicious, pleasing. Peanut butter and tuna is yummy.

Meaning of yutz

yutz means: A foolish, disagreeable person. The yutz threw up on the principal as he took his diploma at graduation.

Meaning of yellow jackets

yellow jackets means: [from the color of the capsules] Nembutal brand of pentobarbital

Meaning of yen

yen means: [from English slang yen-yen, the opium habit, based on Cantonese in-yan (in, opium + yan, craving); since the 1800s] any strong craving

Meaning of Ya digg?

Ya digg? means: A way of asking someone if they agree with you or if they understand what you are saying.  "Yo, that Kings game was hot, ya digg?" 

Meaning of ya' mean

ya' mean means: (short for: "You know what I mean") A term used to affirm another person's understanding of what you are speaking about.  "Yo, I'm bout to come up on this paper, ya' mean." 

Meaning of yahhh

yahhh means: adv. A term used to warn an individual(s) to approach you with hostility and or to get out of your face.  "Yahh Homie, you need to check yourself before you gets hurt."  Lyrical reference: SOULJA BOY & FT. ARAB - Tellem Yahhh  Man when somebody be in your face, on your nerves just talkin and talkin and you don't wanna hear it, just be like YAHHH Trick! YAHHH! Hey Soulja Boy, YAHHH! Trick, YAHHH! Get out my face. 

Meaning of yard

yard means: 100 dollars; a total of 100 dollars.  "Yo, I dropped 3 yards on that phone bill!" 

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of avoir les dents du found qui baignent

avoir les dents du found qui baignent means: be stuffed; be completely full (lit.: have back teeth that are swimming [in food])

Meaning of avoir les boules

avoir les boules means: be scared

Meaning of avoir le trac

avoir le trac means: have stagefright

Meaning of avoir le front

avoir le front means: have the audacity; have the courage

Meaning of avoir le diable au corps

avoir le diable au corps means: be possessed

Meaning of avoir le dessus

avoir le dessus means: be on top; be top dog; get the best of

Meaning of avoir le dernier mot

avoir le dernier mot means: have the last laugh

Meaning of avoir le démon de midi

avoir le démon de midi means: have a midlife crisis

Meaning of avoir le culte de qch ou qqn

avoir le culte de qch ou qqn means: worship someone or something

Meaning of avoir le coup de pompe

avoir le coup de pompe means: be exhausted; be wiped out

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