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Meaning of yank

yank means: Male masturbation (ed: never thought about it before - oddly - but I wonder if using this as a description for the Northern part of the USA was coined by the South as a euphemism for 'wanker'?)

Meaning of yap

yap means: Incessant chatter: often applied in response to vocalisation made by perceived inferiors, e.g."Shut your yap or I'll belt ya!".

Meaning of yard sale

yard sale means: Contributor defines this as "when downhill skiing u fall really hard and your skiis, poles and goggle fall off and go everywhere. Starting to be used for lots of sports." In use, for example, you get "Dude, i just saw some poser take a mad yardsale on the double black diamond, I bet he's at the hospital right now."

Meaning of yard

yard means: Home. e.g "I'm tired - I'm going yard."

Meaning of yarf

yarf means: To vomit.

Meaning of yatch

yatch means: Woman. Also used as descriptor for homosexual. The word has been appearing more and more and is a general threat to our society. (ed: or so it seems!)

Meaning of yawn

yawn means: Someone considered to be tedious company, i.e. boring "You aren't going out with that yawn are you? He'll bore you to tears!"

Meaning of yea-do speccy

yea-do speccy means: Sarcastic response to some claim so to be spoken in a voice dripping with sarcasm. Means roughly "Yes. Very likely. I expect so. Not."

Meaning of yeah right

yeah right means: An expression of doubt or disbelief; "According to The Enquirer, aliens landed in Washington, D.C. yesterday. Yeah right!".

Meaning of yellow packet

yellow packet means: Insult directed at povvos, doleys and so on. Derived from Fine Fare supermarket's economy range of "Yellow Packet" products. Being seen with a bag of Yellow Packet crisps was tantamount to admitting you were receiving free school meals. "Ey, them trainies are dead yellow packet they are!", (Used during the early "Thatcher Years").

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of avoir fait sone temps

avoir fait sone temps means: have had one’s day

Meaning of avoir envie de

avoir envie de means: want to; feel like

Meaning of avoir du mal à

avoir du mal à means: have difficulty

Meaning of avoir du foin dans les bottes

avoir du foin dans les bottes means: have feathered one’s nest

Meaning of avoir du cran

avoir du cran means: have guts; be brave

Meaning of avoir du cachet

avoir du cachet means: have style

Meaning of avoir droit à

avoir droit à means: be entitled to

Meaning of avoir deux poids deux mesures

avoir deux poids deux mesures means: use a double standard

Meaning of avoir des ennuis

avoir des ennuis means: be in trouble; have problems

Meaning of avoir des antennes

avoir des antennes means: have a sixth sense; have contacts (lit.: to have antennas)

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