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Meaning of YOK

YOK means: Yok is slang for a laugh, a joke.

Meaning of YOMP

YOMP means: Yomp is slang for to walk hard and with vigour.Yomp is military slang for march over difficult terrain with heavy equipment.

Meaning of YONI

YONI means: Yoni is slang for the vagina.

Meaning of YONKS

YONKS means: Yonks is British slang for an age, a long time.

Meaning of YONNIE

YONNIE means: Yonnie is Australian slang for a stone.

Meaning of YORK

YORK means: York is American slang for to vomit.

Meaning of YORKSHIRE

YORKSHIRE means: Yorkshire is British slang for avarice.

Meaning of YOU AND ME

YOU AND ME means: You and me is London Cockney rhyming slang for tea.

Meaning of YOU−KNOW−WHAT

YOU−KNOW−WHAT means: You−know−what is slang for sexual activity.

Meaning of YOUNG FOGEY

YOUNG FOGEY means: Young fogey is British slang for a well mannered, unfashionable, young person.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of back seat bingo

back seat bingo means: Back seat bingo

Meaning of MZXCO ,COM


Meaning of Finesse someone means:

Finesse someone means: means: To steal or take something off of someone leaving them in shocking surprise. *Example* Tyrone just finessed me... he took my apple juice. Finesse is an American slang term, mainly used by African Americans!

Meaning of anguist

anguist means:

Meaning of Cup

Cup means:

Meaning of Cup

Cup means:

Meaning of U

U means: U meaning you

Meaning of Yo

Yo means: Meaning hello

Meaning of Yo

Yo means:

Meaning of worsted

worsted means:

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