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Meaning of ZEP

ZEP means: Zep is slang for a Zeppelin airship.

Meaning of ZEPPELIN

ZEPPELIN means: Zeppelin is slang for a large cannabis cigarette. Zeppelin is slang for a large penis.


ZEPPELINS IN A FOG means: Zeppelins in a fog is American slang for sausages in mashed potato.

Meaning of ZERKED

ZERKED means: Zerked is slang for intoxicated by drugs.

Meaning of ZERKING

ZERKING means: Zerking is American slang for odd, eccentric, bizarre.

Meaning of ZERO

ZERO means: Zero is slang for an insignificant person.

Meaning of ZERO MINUS

ZERO MINUS means: Zero minus is American slang for unacceptable, impossible.

Meaning of ZERO OUT

ZERO OUT means: Zero out is American slang for to run out of money.

Meaning of ZERO−COOL

ZERO−COOL means: Zero−cool is American slang for extremely, impressive, admirable.

Meaning of ZETZ

ZETZ means: Zetz is American slang for a punch, a blow.

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Meaning of roulade

roulade means:

Meaning of Powder puff

Powder puff means: Construction cleanup last clean.

Meaning of


Meaning of wazz

wazz means:

Meaning of Sleeping s o.

Sleeping s o. means:

Meaning of uncapable

uncapable means: incapable

Meaning of Marmite

Marmite means:

Meaning of harse

harse means:

Meaning of means:

Meaning of


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