Slang meaning of BRIAN

BRIAN means: Brian is British slang for a boaring, vacuous person.

What is the slang meaning/definition of BRIAN ?

BRIAN means: Brian is British slang for a boaring, vacuous person.

Slang definition of BRIAN

BRIAN means: Brian is British slang for a boaring, vacuous person.

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Meaning of BRIAN

BRIAN means: Brian is British slang for a boaring, vacuous person.

Meaning of BRIAN O'LINN

BRIAN O'LINN means: Brian O'Linn is London Cockney rhyming slang for gin.

Meaning of yit

yit means: A trog, hippy, spod, a Brian. Carries implications of being malodorous and socially maladjusted, and quite often Welsh.

Meaning of clock

clock means: v. to hit someone, usually knocking them in the head.  "Brian you betta chill wit' that or I'm going to straight up clock you in your grill!" 

Meaning of duffer

duffer means: n idiot; simpleton. Often related to a particular task: We had to fire Brian – he turned out to be a complete duffer.

Meaning of slanging

slanging means: v. (pronounced "slangin'") the act of selling any illegal substance.  "Check out Brian slanging rock on the corner." 

Meaning of keep it real

keep it real means: a phrase used to say goodbye. Just as if to say, "peace."  "I gotta go Brian." "Okay. Keep it real." 

Meaning of boot

boot means: v. to expel preride stomach fillers due to extreme physical exertion. "That climb was hairy, I think Brian had to boot back there."

Meaning of chillaxin

chillaxin means: Hanging out (chillin) and relaxing!  "I was just chillaxin with TJ and Brian." 

Meaning of yak

yak means: (ed: entered verbatim - thanks Brian)) One that I heard not long ago - and that I used as a kid - in Loughborough, Leicestershire is to 'yak' a stone meaning to throw. it comes from the latin Iacio to throw. I was surprised to hear it used because only kids say it and it must have come down the ages since the Romans were here.

Meaning of all up in the kool-aid

all up in the kool-aid means: v. in someone's business.  "That's between me and Brian- don't be all up in the kool-aid!" 

Meaning of give a shit

give a shit means: To care; to take serious. Usually used in the negative. ["John doesn't give a shit about Brian."].

Meaning of Crapper Tapper

Crapper Tapper means: As in "Wow!, that Brian Adams has got to be a crapper tapper!"

Meaning of spunk

spunk means: (1) male ejaculate (2) courage (3) an attractive male (4) worthless individual, eg; "Now listen here, spunk!" (ed: it's odd how the word has opposite meanings in UK and AUS, i.e. Aussie girls LIKE their men to be "spunks")From Scottish Gaelic "spong", tinder, pith, sponge, and Middle Irish "spongc", tinder. Both related to Latin "spongia", sponge. The link to sponge is that wood used for kindling was spongy in appearance. More below. Used in 1536 as "sponk" to mean "a spark". The figurative use of "spunk" meaning "courage, pluck" comes from the late 18th century. It was not slang for semen until the late 19th century. In 1811, it was still defined in a dictionary of cant and underground slang as "rotten touchwood, or a kind of fungus prepared for tinder; figuratively spirit, courage". I surmise that the link to semen was because the ejaculate leaps out like sparks, indicating a virile chap, and virile isn't far from courageous, having mettle, spirited. Meanwhile, it's correct that Australian girls refer to sexy young men as spunks. That makes me smile - if only they knew what they really meant! (ed: thanks for that overkill Brian )

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Meaning of Marshal

Marshal means: To dispose in due order, as the different quarterings on an escutcheon, or the different crests when several belong to an achievement.

Meaning of Miscreance

Miscreance means: Alt. of Miscreancy

Meaning of Original

Original means: Not copied, imitated, or translated; new; fresh; genuine; as, an original thought; an original process; the original text of Scripture.

Meaning of Parapodium

Parapodium means: One of the lateral appendages of an annelid; -- called also foot tubercle.

Meaning of Shipping

Shipping means: Navigation.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of GET MODED

GET MODED means: Get moded is American slang for to be humiliated.


HORN−MERCHANT means: Horn−merchant is slang for a married man.

Meaning of SPAZZ OUT

SPAZZ OUT means: Spazz out is American slang for lose physical or emotional control; be overcome.

Meaning of crackers

crackers means: Adj. Crazy.

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