Slang meaning of Happy Salad

Happy Salad means: Marijuana

What is the slang meaning/definition of Happy Salad ?

Happy Salad means: Marijuana

Slang definition of Happy Salad

Happy Salad means: Marijuana

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Meaning of reefer

reefer means: [from grifa, a Mexican-Spanish word for marijuana] (1) a marijuana cigarette. (2) marijuana

Meaning of buds

buds means: [from the appearance] marijuana or sinsemilla (a hybrid variety of marijuana; see sinse ); a quantity for sale consisting mainly of the more potent flowering tops of the marijuana plant (Cannabis sativa )

Meaning of love boat

love boat means: Marijuana dipped in formaldehyde; PCP; blunts mixed with marijuana and heroin; blunts mixed with marijuana and PCP

Meaning of knifers'

knifers' means: n. People who heat up knifes and burn marijuana instead of using a pipe or a bong. In the cannabis culture, knifers are a method of smoking marijuana. It involves heating up two flat surfaces, usually butter knives on a stove, then sandwiching a small amount of marijuana between the two hot knifes, causing the marijuana to either vaporize or burn almost instantly. Because the temperature can be lower than combustion techniques such as using a smoking pipe or a bong, the resulting process can more efficient as THC is destroyed at relatively low temperatures.  "Dawg, I ran into these knifers who showed me how to vape this weed & I got tore up!" 

Meaning of bud

bud means: Noun. Marijuana, or occasionally cannabis. Specifically the part of the marijuana plant that is smoked.

Meaning of bc bud

bc bud means: Marijuana from British Columbia; synonymous with any high-grade marijuana from Canada

Meaning of buda

buda means: Marijuana; a high-grade marijuana joint filled with crack

Meaning of lid

lid means: [from the now obsolete practice of selling a measure of marijuana in a pipe tobacco tin] an ounce of marijuana, usually sold in a plastic bag

Meaning of kiff

kiff means: Marijuana cigarette; very potent marijuana from Morocco, Lebanon and other Arab/Middle Eastern countries

Meaning of wet

wet means: Blunts mixed with marijuana and PCP; methamphetamine; marijuana cigarettes soaked in PCP (

Meaning of hydro

hydro means: Amphetamine; high quality methamphetamine; marijuana; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA); marijuana grown in water (hydroponic)

Meaning of reefer

reefer means: n 1. Marijuana, especially a marijuana cigarette. 2. A conveyance, such as a railroad car or truck trailer, that carries cargo under refrigeration. 3. A refrigerator.

Meaning of thai sticks

thai sticks means: Bundles of marijuana soaked in hashish oil; marijuana buds bound on short sections of bamboo

Meaning of hit

hit means: To smoke marijuana; marijuana cigarette; Crack Cocaine

Meaning of toke

toke means: To inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana; marijuana

Meaning of pot

pot means: [from potaguaya, a Mexican-Indian word for marijuana] marijuana

Meaning of zone

zone means: A measurement of marijuana. One ounce, 28 grams of weed.  2. Also used in reference to a quarter pound of marijuana.  "Yo, Frankie we should reup with Mike, he sells zones for a bill." 

Meaning of woo blunts

woo blunts means: Marijuana; marijuana combined with cocaine

Meaning of joy stick

joy stick means: Marijuana cigarette; marijuana and PCP combination

Meaning of matchbox

matchbox means: 1/4 ounce of marijuana or 6 marijuana cigarettes

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Meaning of Heathery

Heathery means: Heathy; abounding in heather; of the nature of heath.

Meaning of Mar-text

Mar-text means: A blundering preacher.

Meaning of Nucleal

Nucleal means: Alt. of Nuclear

Meaning of Sere

Sere means: [OE. seer, AS. sear (assumed) fr. searian to wither; akin to D. zoor dry, LG. soor, OHG. sor/n to to wither, Gr. a"y`ein to parch, to dry, Skr. /ush (for sush) to dry, to wither, Zend hush to dry. 152. Cf. Austere, Sorrel, a.] Dry; withered; no longer green; -- applied to leaves.

Meaning of Thumbed

Thumbed means: of Thumb

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of ROCKETS

ROCKETS means: Rockets is slang for breasts.

Meaning of ROY HUDD

ROY HUDD means: Roy Hudd is London Cockney rhyming slang for potato (spud). Roy Hudd is London Cockney rhyming slang for blood.

Meaning of pooey

pooey means: Exclam. Expressing distaste or derision, especially imitative of children.Adj. 1. Of or resembling excrement. 2. Nasty, distasteful.

Meaning of HOUSE

HOUSE means: acid house music

Meaning of pound

pound means: Beaten up. You must be potty to go out with that geek

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