Slang meaning of Trade

Trade means: Tracksuit.

What is the slang meaning/definition of Trade ?

Trade means: Tracksuit.

Slang definition of Trade

Trade means: Tracksuit.

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Meaning of Trade

Trade means: Tracksuit.

Meaning of trackie dacks

trackie dacks means: tracksuit pants

Meaning of Clappin

Clappin means: – out of date or worn out, usually to describe attire or accessories, as in “man, my tracksuit is clappin’. Gotta get down JJB Sport and buy a new one.” Also means tired out.

Meaning of tracky

tracky means: Noun. Tracksuit. E.g."Can I borrow your tracky bottoms? Mine are in the wash." {Informal}

Meaning of shit stoppers

shit stoppers means: Noun. 1. Very narrow, tight fitting jeans. [North use] 2. Tracksuit bottoms with elasticated ankles. [North use]

Meaning of chavtastic

chavtastic means: Adj. Of, or related to 'chav', see above. E.g."He was wearing a Burberry baseball cap, Rockport boots, tracksuit bottoms and a fat gold chain draped around his neck - it was the most chavtastic sight to behold this year."

Meaning of council

council means: To describe a person, an area, an action, Council means cheap, nasty, tacky. 'She's really council' - ie likely to be 15, on the 'horse', 3 kids by 3 different men, slicked back hair, tracksuit smoking 40 Superkings a day. (ed: what a sext description)

Meaning of scutter

scutter means: A Scutter, or 'Scutter From The Gutter' to give it it's full title, was a title bestowed upon any person who was a little bit smelly, a little bit dirty, and generally wore clothes too small for them and lived in the council flats with their crack whore mom and wife beating dad. If you wore trousers that ended 4 inches above your socks, you were a scutter. If you'd worn the same 80's tracksuit top that was 4 sizes too small for you (ironically, back in fashion now!) for the last 12 years, you were a scutter. If you had a grade 1 all over haircut to prevent catching fleas off your rabid mongrel, you were a scutter. And you were from the gutter - Probably!

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Deodorant

Deodorant means: A deodorizer.

Meaning of Frontispiece

Frontispiece means: The principal front of a building.

Meaning of Prepossessor

Prepossessor means: One who possesses, or occupies, previously.

Meaning of Stathmograph

Stathmograph means: A contrivance for recording the speed of a railway train.

Meaning of Stitchery

Stitchery means: Needlework; -- in contempt.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of SOOTY

SOOTY means: Sooty is derogatory British slang for a Black person.

Meaning of cracking (the) flags

cracking (the) flags means: Phrs. 1. Very hot weather. 2. Raining heavily.

Meaning of Tifuti

Tifuti means: Black Brazilians. Word for "niggar" in Brazil, pronounced CHEE-foo-CHEE

Meaning of bangbellies

bangbellies means: pancakes made of flour, fat and molasses, fried on a pan

Meaning of eat one's heart out

eat one's heart out means: To gnaw at, disturb, vex. I have a problem that is really eating (at) me.

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