Slang meaning of ITT

ITT means: Alright.

What is the slang meaning/definition of ITT ?

ITT means: Alright.

Slang definition of ITT

ITT means: Alright.

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Meaning of SEE ALRIGHT

SEE ALRIGHT means: See alright is British slang for to care of financially. To look after.

Meaning of alright

alright means: alright means OK, copasetic

Meaning of alright

alright means: alright means OK, copasetic

Meaning of Right-o

Right-o means: Ok, yes, alright

Meaning of Alright?

Alright? means: Hello. How are you?

Meaning of ITT

ITT means: Alright.

Meaning of Ite

Ite means: It will be alright

Meaning of IIRC

IIRC means: Alright.

Meaning of ASAP

ASAP means: Alright.

Meaning of fasho

fasho means: Alright, yes, ok.

Meaning of Aiight

Aiight means: Alright, Okay

Meaning of box of birds

box of birds means: All is well, i.e. everything's alright!

Meaning of Jack In

Jack In means: Alright?

Meaning of She's right mate

She's right mate means: I'm ok. Everything is alright

Meaning of mate

mate means: a person who seems alright

Meaning of mate

mate means: a person who seems alright

Meaning of mate

mate means: a person who seems alright

Meaning of M&M

M&M means: alright. A little above mediocre.  "Do you like that youth pastor?" Yea, he's M&M." 

Meaning of No Worries

No Worries means: No trouble, no bother, it's alright

Meaning of jake

jake means: Alright, OK. Don't hit on her; she's only 15 and jail bait.

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Meaning of Chelicerae

Chelicerae means: of Chelicera

Meaning of Conversance

Conversance means: The state or quality of being conversant; habit of familiarity; familiar acquaintance; intimacy.

Meaning of Keech

Keech means: A mass or lump of fat rolled up by the butcher.

Meaning of Mabble

Mabble means: To wrap up.

Meaning of Module

Module means: A model or measure.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of BAGGAGE

BAGGAGE means: Baggage is slang for a promiscuous woman.Baggage is slang for a hanger−on, especially one who is a liability.

Meaning of NOO−WHEN

NOO−WHEN means: Noo−when is Dorset slang for never.

Meaning of for coughs and colds, take beechams!

for coughs and colds, take beechams! means: Wordplay-employing phrase based on an advertising slogan. Used as a subversive means of insulting someone. The first two words spoken quickly i.e. 'for coughs', sounds like 'fuck off'). (ed: Beechams - for those who want to be bored - is the name of a cold rememdy in the UK. It used to be sold as 'little pills', then later in powwder form. As I recall it was mainly powdered aspirin)

Meaning of HOT HEROIN

HOT HEROIN means: poisoned to give to a police informant

Meaning of BANJO

BANJO means: Fireman's shovel; old-style banjo-shaped signal

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