Slang meaning of new Ecstasy

new Ecstasy means: ketamine. See K

What is the slang meaning/definition of new Ecstasy ?

new Ecstasy means: ketamine. See K

Slang definition of new Ecstasy

new Ecstasy means: ketamine. See K

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Meaning of k-hole

k-hole means: Periods of ketamine-induced confusion; the depressant high associated with ketamine

Meaning of K, super K, special K, Vitamin K

K, super K, special K, Vitamin K means: ketamine, an anesthetic similar in structure to PCP . First synthesized by a pharmaceutical company in the early 1960s, powdered ketamine emerged as a recreational drug in the 1970s. It became Vitamin K in the underground club scene in the 1980s and Special K in the 1990s rave scene.

Meaning of KET

KET means: ketamine

Meaning of KIT KAT

KIT KAT means: ketamine

Meaning of jet

jet means: Ketamine

Meaning of ket

ket means: Ketamine

Meaning of kit kat

kit kat means: Ketamine

Meaning of K

K means: ketamine

Meaning of JET

JET means: ketamine

Meaning of SUPER C

SUPER C means: ketamine

Meaning of HONEY OIL

HONEY OIL means: ketamine

Meaning of PURPLE

PURPLE means: ketamine

Meaning of SPECIAL K

SPECIAL K means: ketamine

Meaning of SUPER K

SUPER K means: ketamine

Meaning of VITAMIN K

VITAMIN K means: ketamine

Meaning of special k

special k means: ketamine

Meaning of special "k"

special "k" means: Ketamine

Meaning of kitkat

kitkat means: ketamine

Meaning of vitamin k

vitamin k means: Ketamine

Meaning of donkey

donkey means: ketamine

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Blacks

Blacks means: Black garments, etc. See Black, n., 4.

Meaning of Concha

Concha means: The plain semidome of an apse; sometimes used for the entire apse.

Meaning of Confusion

Confusion means: The state of being abashed or disconcerted; loss self-possession; perturbation; shame.

Meaning of Quickset

Quickset means: Made of quickset.

Meaning of Statutable

Statutable means: Made or introduced by statute; proceeding from an act of the legistature; as, a statutable provision or remedy.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of OCEAN LINER

OCEAN LINER means: Ocean liner was London Cockney rhyming slang for a black−eye (shiner).

Meaning of Wet Back

Wet Back means: Illegal Mexican Immigrant that swam across the Rio Grande into Texas.

Meaning of Toff

Toff means:     An elegantly, or stylishly dressed gentleman.

Meaning of Chaps

Chaps means:   – sturdy coverings for the legs consisting of leggings and a belt; buckled on over trousers with the chaps' integrated belt; have no seat and are not joined at the crotch; made of leather to protect the legs when riding through brushy terrain; also called bat wings.

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