Slang meaning of Love And Kisses

Love And Kisses means: Missus

What is the slang meaning/definition of Love And Kisses ?

Love And Kisses means: Missus

Slang definition of Love And Kisses

Love And Kisses means: Missus

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Meaning of Missus

Missus means: wife ‘My missus won’t have a bar of it.’ ¬

Meaning of Cheese And Kisses

Cheese And Kisses means: Missus

Meaning of Love And Kisses

Love And Kisses means: Missus

Meaning of Plates And Dishes

Plates And Dishes means: Missus

Meaning of (the) missus

(the) missus means: Noun. The wife or girlfriend.

Meaning of cheese & kisses

cheese & kisses means: (the missus) wife

Meaning of Missus

Missus means: Wife, spouse, partner

Meaning of missus

missus means: usually referred to the wife or girlfriend

Meaning of German Bands

German Bands means: Hands. Get your germans off my missus.

Meaning of Missus

Missus means: female partner/ wife /girlfriend.

Meaning of Babbling Brook

Babbling Brook means: Cook. My missus couldn't babble to save her life. See also Crook.

Meaning of up on blocks

up on blocks means: Menstruating i.e. out of action, a bit like a car in a garage. e.g. "I don't think I'll be in luck tonight lads, the missus is up on blocks".

Meaning of how's yer father

how's yer father means: Sexual contact, probably involving intercourse. Used as "I'm off. The missus has promised me a bit of how's yer father tonight!!".

Meaning of Chinwag

Chinwag means: Discussion, chat, conversation. e.g. "Will be over, as soon as me missus comes back from having a bit of a Chinwag with her sister"

Meaning of Clucky

Clucky means: A woman's desire or expression to become pregnant. e.g. "You sure you not planning on having kids because your missus sounds clucky lately"

Meaning of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse means: House. I'm taking my missus to the mickey tonight. Usually means a theatre rather than a residence

Meaning of bum nuts

bum nuts means: Bob writes: I remember when I was a kid, my dad used to call eggs "bum nuts". I'm not sure where he got the term from or whether he made it up but no one else I know has heard it before. I recently told my kids and got in trouble off the missus...he he.

Meaning of Cripes

Cripes means: An outcry of mild shock, amazement or disbelief. e.g. "Did you hear me neighbour walked out on his missus for good?" Cripes, I never thought he was that type of bloke"

Meaning of blue (having a)

blue (having a) means: having a fight or argument ‘I had a blue with the missus.’

Meaning of Unreal

Unreal means: Fantastic or wonderful. e.g. "The job you got me is unreal!" 2. Unbelievable, incredible or inconceivable. e.g. "Did you hear the missus found the money. No, but that's unreal"

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Meaning of Antiscians

Antiscians means: Alt. of Antiscii

Meaning of Deferring

Deferring means: of Defer

Meaning of Mangler

Mangler means: One who mangles or tears in cutting; one who mutilates any work in doing it.

Meaning of Mercator's chart

Mercator's chart means: See under Chart, and see Mercator's projection, under Projection.

Meaning of Spruce

Spruce means: Any coniferous tree of the genus Picea, as the Norway spruce (P. excelsa), and the white and black spruces of America (P. alba and P. nigra), besides several others in the far Northwest. See Picea.

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GIGGLE AND TITTER means: Giggle and titter is London Cockney rhyming slang for ale (bitter).

Meaning of GIST

GIST means: Great Ideas for Starting Things

Meaning of Diggings

Diggings means: One’s home, lodgings, or community.  Also commonly referred to prospector’s mining claims.

Meaning of PUFFY

PUFFY means: PCP

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