Slang meaning of GAAN VREK

GAAN VREK means: Gaan vrek is South African slang for drop dead!

What is the slang meaning/definition of GAAN VREK ?

GAAN VREK means: Gaan vrek is South African slang for drop dead!

Slang definition of GAAN VREK

GAAN VREK means: Gaan vrek is South African slang for drop dead!

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Meaning of GAAN VREK

GAAN VREK means: Gaan vrek is South African slang for drop dead!

Meaning of VREK

VREK means: Vrek is South African slang for to die.

Meaning of GAAN A BED

GAAN A BED means: an adverbial phrase; following a verb of liking or loving, it has a superlative meaning; Can be used in any context, such as "I love hafu yam gaan to bed!". means very much as in liking very much

Meaning of tek ye gaan

tek ye gaan means: To have trouble doing something. For example, 'It'll tek ye gaan tae get aall that written up afore the morn man!', i.e. 'You're going to have trouble writing all that up before tomorrow mind!'.

Meaning of yem, hyem

yem, hyem means: Home, in use for example as "Aa’m gaan yem!", meaning "I'm going home".

Meaning of pity about ye/him/them

pity about ye/him/them means: (entered pretty much verbatim) You have to emphasize the 'bout' of 'about' in this sentence. It is said with a heavily sarcastic tone, and its meaning is very difficult to explain since there is absolutely no equivalent in standard English. It means something like 'Shame on (you)', or 'That's (their) loss!'. Say for example I make an effort to apply to do a course, and they turn me down but don't explain why. I go and complain to my mum. She says 'Huh, pity about them!'. Or say my friend Johnny has some nice sweets. I say 'How Johnny man giz a sweetie, he says 'Na! Gaan n get yarown man!', I say 'Pity about ye!'.

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Meaning of Dishonesty

Dishonesty means: Violation of trust or of justice; fraud; any deviation from probity; a dishonest act.

Meaning of Impeach

Impeach means: To hinder; to impede; to prevent.

Meaning of Implacability

Implacability means: The quality or state of being implacable.

Meaning of Oxanillamide

Oxanillamide means: A white crystalline nitrogenous substance, obtained indirectly by the action of cyanogen on aniline, and regarded as an anilide of oxamic acid; -- called also phenyl oxamide.

Meaning of Shrine

Shrine means: To enshrine; to place reverently, as in a shrine.

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Meaning of Dorothy Lamour terrycloth mini

Dorothy Lamour terrycloth mini means: Small bath towel.

Meaning of Homoicide

Homoicide means: The term comes from homicide. refers to a homosexual that is murdered. ["We don't need to investigate, this one is just homoicide, the faggot must have committed suicide. Must have been hard to get 9 bullets in the back"].

Meaning of jelly-belly

jelly-belly means: A fat person: jawbreaker: having more than seven inches of cock.

Meaning of bone yard

bone yard means: A junk yard. I can't go anywhere tonight; I have to bone (up) for my chemistry test.

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