Slang meaning of Fream

Fream means: Someone who doesn’t fit in

What is the slang meaning/definition of Fream ?

Fream means: Someone who doesn’t fit in

Slang definition of Fream

Fream means: Someone who doesn’t fit in

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Meaning of Fream

Fream means: Someone who doesn’t fit in

Meaning of Creep joint

Creep joint means: ?? Can mean a whorehouse where the girls are pickpockets, but that doesn’t fit in Pick-Up

Meaning of c'est donner de la confiture aux cochons

c'est donner de la confiture aux cochons means: pearls before swine; offering something great to someone who doesn’t appreciate it

Meaning of Destash

Destash means:  a sale set up by someone who doesn’t have a blog, where they sell previously owned new or lightly used items.

Meaning of filth

filth means: n police force. Slightly-less-than-complimentary. I ought to mention at this juncture that just because words are in this fine tome doesn’t mean to say that I use them regularly.

Meaning of amber fluid

amber fluid means: beer ‘Fred doesn’t mind a drop of the old amber fluid’ ambo: ambulance officer

Meaning of mate

mate means: n good friend; buddy. It’s in very common use in the U.K. and doesn’t have any implication that you might want to mate with the person in question. It is derived from “shipmate.”

Meaning of boffin

boffin means: n wonk. Someone who is particularly knowledgeable about his/her subject. It doesn’t quite carry the respect implied in “expert” — calling someone a “boffin” suggests that he has body odour and is a virgin. Boffins are invariably male.

Meaning of cop off

cop off means: v snog; French kiss: I could swear I saw Ian’s dad copping off with some woman at the cinema the other day. The phrase may be derived from a contraction of “copulate.” Of course, it doesn’t mean “copulate,” so perhaps not.

Meaning of wizard

wizard means: adj cool; awesome: Wow! That’s wizard! A bit eighties. I have to emphasise here that just because words are in the dictionary doesn’t mean to say I use them on a regular basis. As far as I’m concerned it has a similar aura to “Bitchin’!”

Meaning of go down a storm

go down a storm means: adj go down great; go down like a bomb: Julie went down a storm with the customers we spoke to today – I reckon we’ll see an order this afternoon as long as the demo model doesn’t catch fire again.

Meaning of clever

clever means: handsome. “A very clever-looking man.”;  in good physical health. “How’s your father?”..Oh, he’s clever. This doesn’t refer to a skills

Meaning of caradura (cara dura)

caradura (cara dura) means: cheeky person; person with a lot of nerve; person who doesn’t pay attention to criticism

Meaning of tea

tea means: n evening meal. At the risk of sounding terrible, it’s just a little “working class.” Maybe that doesn’t sound all that terrible. There are lots of more terrible things I could say. Ask my parole officer.

Meaning of Rapstar

Rapstar means: , (RAP-star) n., A man who doesn’t have a main girlfriend, who talks to many different young women. See also playa. Also:  Rapstar status.  “He is starting to act like a rapstar all the time.”  [Etym., African American]

Meaning of P.A.

P.A. means: n personal assistant. There is something of a new vogue in the U.K. for calling secretaries “personal assistants”: “Mr McDonald’s secretary? No I certainly am not. Mr McDonald doesn’t have a secretary. I am his pee-ay, thank you very much!”

Meaning of plimsolls

plimsolls means: n light canvas shoes with rubber soles. A rather antiquated shoe, and therefore an equally antiquated word. Your grandmother may refer to your trainers as plimsolls, but that doesn’t mean you should too.

Meaning of Mr. Varsity:

Mr. Varsity: means: If anyone’s got game, it’s this guy. Boasting “big man on campus” cockiness (errr, charm?), this all-star athlete doesn’t let a day go by without plying his trade. Expect a well-rehearsed variety show of weights, plyometrics, and track work— plus a few winks for the ladies.

Meaning of For the birds

For the birds means: Imagine how this phrase must sound to someone who doesn’t understand that it refers to something that is substandard in some respect. Is it a bag of seeds or some kind of yard ornament reference? The Brits sometimes use the word ‘bird,’ to refer to women, in the same way Americans use ‘chicks.’ So, maybe it comes off like reference to girlishness. Who knows?

Meaning of hood

hood means: n convertible top. The part of a convertible car that, well, converts. This only serves to complicate the bonnet/boot confusion. Brits do not use “hood” as an abbreviation of “neighbourhood,” unless they are trying to act like American rap stars. Brits are not very good at that, although it doesn’t stop them trying.

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Meaning of Crappie

Crappie means: A kind of fresh-water bass of the genus Pomoxys, found in the rivers of the Southern United States and Mississippi valley. There are several species.

Meaning of Fancy

Fancy means: To love.

Meaning of Insinuative

Insinuative means: Stealing on or into the confidence or affections; having power to gain favor.

Meaning of Lancination

Lancination means: A tearing; laceration.

Meaning of Unbeat

Unbeat means: To deliver from the form or nature of a beast.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of siphon the python

siphon the python means: Vrb phrs. Of males, to urinate. Also 'syphon the python'.

Meaning of whitenose

whitenose means: a youngster who has graduated in the school of winter experience thus: himself not knowing how severely frost could freeze and whiten his nose, his companions kept him in ignorance till he suffered the ordeal “unknowest.”  They enjoyed the joke at his expense, and surprised him by applying snow to the part. Then, with a clap on the back, told him he was a youngster no more but a whitenose

Meaning of ratty

ratty means: In bad condition. Rudy will never make it to the beach in that old rattletrap of his.

Meaning of wacko

wacko means: Crazy, insane. The guy is wack; you can't talk to him.

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