Slang meaning of CACTUS BUTTONS

CACTUS BUTTONS means: mescaline

What is the slang meaning/definition of CACTUS BUTTONS ?

CACTUS BUTTONS means: mescaline

Slang definition of CACTUS BUTTONS

CACTUS BUTTONS means: mescaline

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Meaning of topi

topi means: Mescaline

Meaning of buttons

buttons means: Mescaline

Meaning of chief

chief means: LSD; mescaline

Meaning of TOPI

TOPI means: mescaline

Meaning of PEYOTE

PEYOTE means: mescaline

Meaning of MESCAL

MESCAL means: mescaline

Meaning of MESC

MESC means: mescaline

Meaning of mesc

mesc means: Mescaline

Meaning of CHIEF

CHIEF means: mescaline

Meaning of mescal

mescal means: Mescaline

Meaning of mese

mese means: Mescaline

Meaning of peyote

peyote means: Mescaline

Meaning of peyote

peyote means: Mescaline

Meaning of FANTASIA

FANTASIA means: mescaline

Meaning of moon

moon means: Mescaline

Meaning of mezc

mezc means: Mescaline

Meaning of BUTTONS

BUTTONS means: mescaline

Meaning of CACTUS

CACTUS means: mescaline

Meaning of cactus

cactus means: Mescaline

Meaning of cactus head

cactus head means: Mescaline

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Breech

Breech means: The external angle of knee timber, the inside of which is called the throat.

Meaning of Paraselenae

Paraselenae means: of Paraselene

Meaning of Revilement

Revilement means: The act of reviling; also, contemptuous language; reproach; abuse.

Meaning of Specular

Specular means: Of or pertaining to a speculum; conducted with the aid of a speculum; as, a specular examination.

Meaning of Undergone

Undergone means: of Undergo

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of CONKERS

CONKERS means: Conkers is British slang for the testicles.

Meaning of SPROUT

SPROUT means: Sprout is slang for a small child. Sprout is American slang for to vomit

Meaning of YOU−KNOW−WHAT

YOU−KNOW−WHAT means: You−know−what is slang for sexual activity.

Meaning of chin-chin chin

chin-chin chin means: Chin-chin-chin refers to the art of stroking one's chi as a gesture of irritation, superiority.

Meaning of ginge minge

ginge minge means: Self explanatory and was used to refer to people presumed to have ginger coloured pubic hair. The person responsible for this 'crime' was thus referred to as a 'GINGER MINGER'. More interestingly, the phrase survived the trip from Primary to Secondary education, although with a few notable changes. The pronunciation altered so that the phrase was pronounced with French vowels: "gonge monge". Furthermore at Bishop Vesey's Grammar School, the contributor can remember that the phrase was also used to refer to a particular sort of ginger cake available at school dinners. They had a red haired hard of hearing dinner lady in charge of cakes, and so much pleasure was derived by asking for this cake by its nickname. Asking the woman: "Can I have a slice of ginge minge please?" was a phrase so loaded with meaning that at the time it seemed the schoolboy equivalent of Shakespeare.

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