Slang meaning of DECOGTION

DECOGTION means: methamphetamine

What is the slang meaning/definition of DECOGTION ?

DECOGTION means: methamphetamine

Slang definition of DECOGTION

DECOGTION means: methamphetamine

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Meaning of tina

tina means: Methamphetamine; crystal methamphetamine; methamphetamine used with Viagra

Meaning of bathtub crank

bathtub crank means: Poor quality methamphetamine; methamphetamine produced in bathtubs

Meaning of croak

croak means: Cocaine mixed with methamphetamine; methamphetamine

Meaning of jet fuel

jet fuel means: PCP; methamphetamine; methamphetamine combined with PCP (phencyclidine)

Meaning of methamphetamine

methamphetamine means: Also known as speed, this drug is a stimulant that is the amphetamine of choice for street use. At one time methamphetamine was prescribed for use as a diet pill, but it is no longer used therapeutically. Methamphetamine may be taken in a variety of ways: by mouth, injection, snorting, or smoking. Methamphetamine is easily synthesized, making its illicit manufacture for sale on the street relatively simple. Prior to the popularity of cocaine, methamphetamine was the most commonly used stimulant. The effects and dangers of methamphetamine use are characteristic of other stimulants. However, chronic users of methamphetamine typically develop delusions of bugs crawling under their skin, leading the user to scratch the skin repeatedly and cause characteristic lesions. Another complication is the formation of local dilations of small arteries, resembling a naturally occurring illness called periarteritis nodosa, which can lead to kidney failure or brain hemorrhages. These two complications are rarely seen with other stimulants. Like "crack" cocaine, crystals of the drug, called "ice", can be smoked, with an immediate effect similar to direct intravenous injection. The difference between "ice" and "crack" is that the methamphetamine high lasts for hours rather than the shorter cocaine high. "Ice" originated in Hawaii in 1987 but has since spread east across parts of the mainland United States. Although it was feared that "ice" might replace "crack," this has not yet happened.

Meaning of stove top

stove top means: Crystal methamphetamine; methamphetamine

Meaning of shabu

shabu means: Combination of powder cocaine and methamphetamine; crack cocaine; methamphetamine; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

Meaning of ice

ice means: Cocaine; crack cocaine; smokable methamphetamine; methamphetamine; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA); phencyclidine (PCP)

Meaning of mexican crack

mexican crack means: Methamphetamine with the appearance of crack; methamphetamine

Meaning of ozs

ozs means: Methamphetamine

Meaning of boo

boo means: Marijuana; methamphetamine

Meaning of SKETCH

SKETCH means: methamphetamine

Meaning of SHABU

SHABU means: methamphetamine

Meaning of SCOOTIE

SCOOTIE means: methamphetamine

Meaning of meth

meth means: Methamphetamine

Meaning of crink

crink means: Methamphetamine

Meaning of JET FUEL

JET FUEL means: methamphetamine

Meaning of DECOGTION

DECOGTION means: methamphetamine

Meaning of DECOCSINS

DECOCSINS means: methamphetamine

Meaning of cringe

cringe means: methamphetamine

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Meaning of Besmoke

Besmoke means: To foul with smoke.

Meaning of Canonicalness

Canonicalness means: The quality of being canonical; canonicity.

Meaning of Jenny

Jenny means: A familiar or pet form of the proper name Jane.

Meaning of Network

Network means: Any system of lines or channels interlacing or crossing like the fabric of a net; as, a network of veins; a network of railroads.

Meaning of Palliobranchiate

Palliobranchiate means: Having the pallium, or mantle, acting as a gill, as in brachiopods.

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Meaning of SWEAT

SWEAT means: Sweat is British slang for trouble, problem, hassle, worry.Sweat is British slang for a soldier, especially one who is old and experienced. Sweat is Americanslang for pressurise someone.

Meaning of narky

narky means: Adj. Annoyed, moody, upset. [Orig. Northern]

Meaning of BC

BC means: Baby.

Meaning of indeed

indeed means: adv extra-much, when used after a statement: It was pretty warm to start with but when they turned on the booster rockets it got very hot indeed.

Meaning of go belly up

go belly up means: To fail or go bankrupt. I am going to go bananas if I don't have a vacation soon.

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