Slang meaning of PURE-FOOD LAW

PURE-FOOD LAW means: See dogcatchers

What is the slang meaning/definition of PURE-FOOD LAW ?

PURE-FOOD LAW means: See dogcatchers

Slang definition of PURE-FOOD LAW

PURE-FOOD LAW means: See dogcatchers

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Meaning of OUTLAWED

OUTLAWED means: See dogcatchers

Meaning of PURE-FOOD LAW

PURE-FOOD LAW means: See dogcatchers


DOGCATCHERS means: Crew sent out to relieve another that has been outlawed-that is, overtaken on the road by the sixteen-hour law, which is variously known as dog law, hog law, and pure-food law


SHORT-TIME CREW means: Crew working overtime but not yet affected by the sixteen-hour law. (See dogcatchers)

Meaning of MONKEY

MONKEY means: When a crew has been on duty sixteen hours and is caught out on the road, the monkey gets them and they are required by ICC rules to tie -up until a new crew comes. (See dogcatchers)

Meaning of HOG

HOG means: Any large locomotive, usually freight. An engineer may be called a hogger, hoghead, hogmaster, hoggineer, hog jockey, hog eye, grunt, pig-mauler, etc. Some few engineers object to such designations as disrespectful, which they rarely are. For meaning of hog law see dogcatchers. Hoghead is said to have originated on the Denver & Rio Grande in 1887, being used to label a brakeman's caricature of an engineer

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Meaning of Avengeance

Avengeance means: Vengeance.

Meaning of Carbonari

Carbonari means: of Carbonaro

Meaning of Informal

Informal means: Not in the regular, usual, or established form; not according to official, conventional, prescribed, or customary forms or rules; irregular; hence, without ceremony; as, an informal writting, proceeding, or visit.

Meaning of Shilling

Shilling means: A silver coin, and money of account, of Great Britain and its dependencies, equal to twelve pence, or the twentieth part of a pound, equivalent to about twenty-four cents of the United States currency.

Meaning of Stop

Stop means: The closing of an aperture in the air passage, or pressure of the finger upon the string, of an instrument of music, so as to modify the tone; hence, any contrivance by which the sounds of a musical instrument are regulated.

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TUCKED UP AND SNUGGLED means: Tucked up and snuggled is slang for in bed.

Meaning of cherry picker

cherry picker means: Homosexual that seeks those that, has never experiened it up the ass in anal intercourse.

Meaning of Swirly

Swirly means: Noun: The practice of dunking another (geeky) person's head in the toilet and flushing. "Dude, I totally gave that geek a swirly!" "No way!" "Way, dude..." "Awesome!"

Meaning of prise

prise means: a lever

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