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Meaning of DOSE

DOSE means: Dose is slang for a venereal infection, especially gonorrhoea.


EDGAR ALLAN POE means: Edgar Allan Poe is British racing rhyming slang for money (dough).


FRANCE AND SPAIN means: France and Spain is London Cockney rhyming slang for rain.

Meaning of S.P.

S.P. means: S.P. (starting price) is British slang for the odds on a horse; essential information, the known form.

Meaning of YER

YER means: Yer is Dorset slang for ear. Yer is Dorset slang for here. Yer is Dorset slang for to hear.

Meaning of hit the hay

hit the hay means: Vrb phrs. Go to bed. [1900s]

Meaning of shed

shed means: Noun. Something dilapidated. Cf. 'shed on wheels'.

Meaning of witch piss

witch piss means: Noun. Weak drink, usually referring to beer. E.g."I prefer stronger European lager, as most American lager is witch piss."

Meaning of CIAO

CIAO means: Goodbye (in Italian)

Meaning of LOL

LOL means: Laughing Out Loud -or- Lots Of Love -or- Living On Lipitor

Meaning of card

card means: A witty showoff. He's quite a card. Which one? The joker.

Meaning of See ya on the flipside

See ya on the flipside means: See ya later

Meaning of Shoe Shiner

Shoe Shiner means: Many shoe shiners in cities are black.

Meaning of yegg

yegg means: Safe-cracker, a crook. Yeah, I'm going to the football game.

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