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Slang dictionary, find a slang word, phrase and meanings

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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of FIN

FIN means: Fin is slang for a hand.Fin is British slang for a five pound note.Fin is American slang for a five−dollar bill.Fin was old slang for an arm.


FLOWERY DELL means: Flowery dell is London Cockney rhyming slang for cell.

Meaning of FRY

FRY means: Fry is Black−American slang for to straighten nappy hair.Fry is American slang for to kill or be killed by electrocution, especially in the electric chair.

Meaning of HOOLIE

HOOLIE means: Hoolie is slang for a wild, noisy party or celebration.

Meaning of LUCK OUT

LUCK OUT means: Luck out is American slang for to be lucky. Luck out is American slang for to be unlucky.


ON THE SCHNOZZ means: On the schnozz is American slang for precisely, exactly on time.

Meaning of cock-up

cock-up means: Noun. A mess, a shambles. Verb. To make a mistake, to ruin. E.g."I've cocked up again and my wife's left with the kids."

Meaning of Donut puncher

Donut puncher means: Homosexual

Meaning of bell

bell means: telephone call ‘I’ll give you a bell later’

Meaning of Frit

Frit means: To masturbate (female);

Meaning of get with the program

get with the program means: To do what is right, conform. You had better get with the program, Sonny, or you're off the team.

Meaning of Budge up

Budge up means: If you want to sit down and someone is taking up too much space, you'd ask them to budge up - move and make some space.

Meaning of Talent

Talent means: Talent is the same as totty. Checking out the talent means looking for the sexy young girls (or boys I suppose).

Meaning of dingie

dingie means: To stand someone up or ignore them (pronounced Ding-ghee). Used as "He pure dingied me, by the way...", or when someone unsuccessfully attempts to pull a member of the opposite sex, their friends would all shout "Dingied!"

Meaning of lobster

lobster means: A sailor hustler= a male prostitutes.

Meaning of COCKTAIL

COCKTAIL means: partially smoked marijuana cigareete inserted in regular cigarette

Meaning of rattle

rattle means: to upset or unnerve, to make someone feel nervous

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Acme

Acme means: The crisis or height of a disease.

Meaning of Chisel

Chisel means: To cut close, as in a bargain; to cheat.

Meaning of Communicate

Communicate means: To have intercourse or to be the means of intercourse; as, to communicate with another on business; to be connected; as, a communicating artery.

Meaning of Concause

Concause means: A joint cause.

Meaning of Congruity

Congruity means: The state or quality of being congruous; the relation or agreement between things; fitness; harmony; correspondence; consistency.

Meaning of Daub

Daub means: To put on without taste; to deck gaudily.

Meaning of Gradient

Gradient means: Moving by steps; walking; as, gradient automata.

Meaning of Hepatocele

Hepatocele means: Hernia of the liver.

Meaning of Irradiate

Irradiate means: To emit rays; to shine.

Meaning of Maumet

Maumet means: See Mawmet.

Meaning of Muting

Muting means: Dung of birds.

Meaning of Photograph

Photograph means: A picture or likeness obtained by photography.

Meaning of Prepare/

Prepare/ means: of Prepare

Meaning of Prevaricating

Prevaricating means: of Prevaricate

Meaning of Stubbled

Stubbled means: Covered with stubble.

Meaning of Toll

Toll means: To collect, as a toll.

Meaning of Umbriferous

Umbriferous means: Casting or making a shade; umbrageous.

Meaning of Undergrow

Undergrow means: To grow to an inferior, or less than the usual, size or height.

Meaning of Vary

Vary means: To alter, or be altered, in any manner; to suffer a partial change; to become different; to be modified; as, colors vary in different lights.

Meaning of Water pig

Water pig means: The gourami.

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