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AFRICAN QUEEN means: African queen is British slang for a Black homosexual.African queen is British slang for a White homosexual who prefers Black partners.

Meaning of ALLEZ OOP

ALLEZ OOP means: Allez oop is British rhyming slang for excrement (poop).

Meaning of CHILDREN

CHILDREN means: Children is British slang for a housebreaker's tools.

Meaning of STAND−ON

STAND−ON means: Stand−on is slang for an erection of the penis.

Meaning of THE BOOT

THE BOOT means: The boot is slang for dismissal from employment; the sack.

Meaning of hehe

hehe means: a wierdo or annoying person as in..."you are being such a stupid hehe"

Meaning of cat burying shit (as busy as a)

cat burying shit (as busy as a) means: very busy

Meaning of wru

wru means: where are you?

Meaning of blow off

blow off means: To defeat in competition. We blew off the other team 98-54.

Meaning of plunk down

plunk down means: To pay. I plunked down two hundred bucks for this car; it had better be good.

Meaning of toby

toby means: Homosexual. (ed: with apologies to Lisa who says she has many friends called Toby, few of whom are homosexual)

Meaning of Pleasure Club

Pleasure Club means: A male brothel in New York City on West Third Street in the 1890's.

Meaning of wink

wink means: To be uncircumcised.

Meaning of QUEEN

QUEEN means: Short for proper respect.


GEEZIN A BIT OF DEE GEE means: injecting a drug

Meaning of DOPE MONKEY

DOPE MONKEY means: Car inspector

Meaning of GLORY ROAD

GLORY ROAD means: Sentimental term for railroad

Meaning of hit man

hit man means: A hired killer. He was hit by the mob for blabbing.

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