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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of LIVE EEL

LIVE EEL means: Live eel is London Cockney rhyming slang for field.

Meaning of SNOT

SNOT means: Snot is slang for nasal mucus.Snot is slang for the residue left after smoking amphetamine.

Meaning of USER

USER means: User is slang for an habitual drug user.

Meaning of nob rot

nob rot means: Noun. Venereal disease.

Meaning of IDC

IDC means: In Case You Missed It.

Meaning of SB

SB means: Shrewd, with practical knowledge.

Meaning of hard

hard means: Excellent, outstanding. Those new kicks are so hard.

Meaning of bullet

bullet means: Synonym for amyl nitrite.

Meaning of get bent

get bent means: Get fucked - but saaid in an even more derogtory way. ["Eric go get bent!"].

Meaning of HIV-neg

HIV-neg means: Not infected with the HIV virus. This abbreviation is used in the classified ads.

Meaning of Bitch'n

Bitch'n means: awsome

Meaning of Ding or Dinged

Ding or Dinged means: Excessively, very. "It is so ding hot out here.”

Meaning of SILK

SILK means: heroin

Meaning of Strap Hangers

Strap Hangers means: When the whites were sitting on the bus, the blacks had to stand and hold onto the strap.

Meaning of crazeballs

crazeballs means: crazy

Meaning of dogberry

dogberry means: mountain ash, berries from a dogberry tree

Meaning of sack out

sack out means: To sleep. Jake got sacked for smoking in his office.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Activities

Activities means: of Activity

Meaning of Acturience

Acturience means: Tendency or impulse to act.

Meaning of Dissolution

Dissolution means: The dispersion of an assembly by terminating its sessions; the breaking up of a partnership.

Meaning of Ebionite

Ebionite means: One of a sect of heretics, in the first centuries of the church, whose doctrine was a mixture of Judaism and Christianity. They denied the divinity of Christ, regarding him as an inspired messenger, and rejected much of the New Testament.

Meaning of Hearthstone

Hearthstone means: Stone forming the hearth; hence, the fireside; home.

Meaning of Lambert pine

Lambert pine means: The gigantic sugar pine of California and Oregon (Pinus Lambertiana). It has the leaves in fives, and cones a foot long. The timber is soft, and like that of the white pine of the Eastern States.

Meaning of Redress

Redress means: The act of redressing; a making right; reformation; correction; amendment.

Meaning of Representer

Representer means: A representative.

Meaning of Run

Run means: Smuggled; as, run goods.

Meaning of Score

Score means: Especially, to mark with significant lines or notches, for indicating or keeping account of something; as, to score a tally.

Meaning of Shiplet

Shiplet means: A little ship.

Meaning of Shroud

Shroud means: A set of ropes serving as stays to support the masts. The lower shrouds are secured to the sides of vessels by heavy iron bolts and are passed around the head of the lower masts.

Meaning of Spathaceous

Spathaceous means: Having a spathe; resembling a spathe; spathal.

Meaning of Stage

Stage means: A place where anything is publicly exhibited; the scene of any noted action or carrer; the spot where any remarkable affair occurs.

Meaning of Strange

Strange means: To be estranged or alienated.

Meaning of Surbased

Surbased means: Having a surbase, or molding above the base.

Meaning of Swingle

Swingle means: To swing for pleasure.

Meaning of Turbot

Turbot means: Any one of numerous species of flounders more or less related to the true turbots, as the American plaice, or summer flounder (see Flounder), the halibut, and the diamond flounder (Hypsopsetta guttulata) of California.

Meaning of Unclosed

Unclosed means: Not separated by inclosures; open.

Meaning of Whorl

Whorl means: A volution, or turn, of the spire of a univalve shell.

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