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Meaning of BIG GREEN

BIG GREEN means: Big Green is American slang for Dartmouth College, USA.

Meaning of BUNGALOW

BUNGALOW means: Bungalow is British slang for a well endowered, but stupid, man.

Meaning of DUTCH

DUTCH means: Dutch (shortened from Duchess of Fife) is London Cockney rhyming slang for wife. Dutch (shortened from Dutch Plate) is London Cockney rhyming slang for a friend (mate).


GOLDEN SHOWER means: Golden shower is slang for urinating on someone for sexual pleasure.

Meaning of dunny rat

dunny rat means: very cunning “That guy is as cunning as a dunny rat’

Meaning of Sack/sacked

Sack/sacked means: - If someone gets the sack it means they are fired. Then they have been sacked. I can think of a few people I'd like to sack!

Meaning of Wobbler

Wobbler means: - To "throw a wobbly" or to "throw a wobbler" means to have a tantrum. Normally happens when you tell your kids they can't have an ice cream or that it's time for bed.

Meaning of B.F.E.

B.F.E. means: Acronym for "Butt-Fuck Egypt". Used to denote a location considered to be at a great distance. Foe example, "The parking lot was full, so my car is all the way out in B.F.E." Used and understood extensively.

Meaning of chickenhead

chickenhead means: A stupid person that wanders around aimlessly like a decapitated chicken (usually refers to women)

Meaning of mong, mongchap

mong, mongchap means: Used for a very slow to react person, usually due to overexertion in some way or other (e.g. last night's piss up). Someone can be a mong, or they can be mongchap etc.,

Meaning of Whats Hanging

Whats Hanging means: thats cool & whats up

Meaning of Duke Of Argyles

Duke Of Argyles means: Piles (Haemorrhoids)

Meaning of Whomper-jawed

Whomper-jawed means: Uneven.

Meaning of GHANJA

GHANJA means: cannabis

Meaning of DOMESTIC

DOMESTIC means: locally grown marijuana

Meaning of SCISSORS

SCISSORS means: cannabis

Meaning of flaky

flaky means: Eccentric, odd, peculiar. He was a good philosophy teacher before he fell in love with a hippy and flaked out.

Meaning of Sunday roast

Sunday roast means: A popular Sunday meal, which usually includes roast meat with roast potatoes, carrots, gravy and a Yorkshire pudding

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