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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of BACK WAY

BACK WAY means: Back way is slang for anal sex.

Meaning of BELFA

BELFA means: Belfa was early th century slang for a prostitute.

Meaning of CLIP ARTIST

CLIP ARTIST means: Clip artist is American slang for a fraudster, cardsharp or confidence trickster.

Meaning of GREENER

GREENER means: Greener is British slang for a naïve person.

Meaning of Bahhhhstard

Bahhhhstard means: One who is part sheep, and part man. This whooley breed thrives on the charity of others. Like a tick, it latches on leeching off it's host, until a new host is with deeper pockets can be found.

Meaning of gynie

gynie means: gynecologist

Meaning of take a powder

take a powder means: To leave. Look, if you don't like it here, take a powder.

Meaning of zombie

zombie means: (1) crack cocaine. (2) phencyclidine (PCP )

Meaning of tartan

tartan means: n, adj plaid. The stripes-and-checkers pattern that Scotsmen use for their kilts but is also used for all sorts of things from throw rugs to tacky seat covers.

Meaning of axe

axe means: Taunt against someone who was angry or expressed annoyance. Usually pronounced with the "A" sound prolonged which made it even more annoying; eg X says "Give me back my pencil!", Y responds "Axe!", X- "Give it back now!", Y and others "AAAAAxe!" etc... Probably comes from the concept of a psychopath carrying out an axe attack; sometimes used in the longer more placatory form "OK, OK, don't have an axe attack!". Various private and public schools in the Cambridge area. (ed: I reckon it's just 'ask' mispronounced, but what do I know?).

Meaning of dunny

dunny means: Toilet (originally outside but now any): e.g. the classic "Aussie curse", i.e. "may your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny down!" There is an ongoing theme in Austrlain urban mythology about the redback spider that hides under the toilet seat and leaps out to bite yer bum (or worse) when you go to satisfy natures urges.. In fact this is based on reality in 'the old days' few homes had indoor plumbing and most used outdoor dunny's a la Shrek (basically just holes in the ground with an improvised seat over it. Redback spiders like dark moist conditions which the dunny provided, and the crap attracted flies which of course was an ideal food supply. Therefore the old style dunny was an ideal place for these things to live. You won't find them indoors often though so using the loo in Australia isn't often a dangerous experience - often.

Meaning of sot

sot means: Engage in male to male '69' (simultaneous mutual oral sex)

Meaning of Colors

Colors means: The particles of gold gleaming in a prospector's gold pan.

Meaning of ROACH

ROACH means: filter for cannabis

Meaning of Shivering Jemmy

Shivering Jemmy means:     A half naked begger

Meaning of bilk

bilk means: To swindle or cheat. Imogene Ettasis is a bigwig in the human genome project.

Meaning of biz

biz means: Business. This job bites.

Meaning of zonk

zonk means: To hit. As teenagers, we used to hold zit popping contests to see who could shoot their zits the farthest.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Achromatized

Achromatized means: of Achromatize

Meaning of Adoptive

Adoptive means: Pertaining to adoption; made or acquired by adoption; fitted to adopt; as, an adoptive father, an child; an adoptive language.

Meaning of Aheight

Aheight means: Aloft; on high.

Meaning of Ambrein

Ambrein means: A fragrant substance which is the chief constituent of ambergris.

Meaning of Animality

Animality means: Animal existence or nature.

Meaning of Authorship

Authorship means: Source; origin; origination; as, the authorship of a book or review, or of an act, or state of affairs.

Meaning of Burr

Burr means: Any rough or prickly envelope of the seeds of plants, whether a pericarp, a persistent calyx, or an involucre, as of the chestnut and burdock. Also, any weed which bears burs.

Meaning of Churlish

Churlish means: Wanting pliancy; unmanageable; unyielding; not easily wrought; as, a churlish soil; the churlish and intractable nature of some minerals.

Meaning of Cicisbeo

Cicisbeo means: A professed admirer of a married woman; a dangler about women.

Meaning of Corinthian

Corinthian means: Of or pertaining to an amateur sailor or yachtsman; as, a corinthian race (one in which the contesting yachts must be manned by amateurs.)

Meaning of Disenamor

Disenamor means: To free from the captivity of love.

Meaning of Instituting

Instituting means: of Institute

Meaning of Lorette

Lorette means: In France, a name for a woman who is supported by her lovers, and devotes herself to idleness, show, and pleasure; -- so called from the church of Notre Dame de Lorette, in Paris, near which many of them resided.

Meaning of Monocotyle

Monocotyle means: Monocotyledonous.

Meaning of Perisomata

Perisomata means: of Perisoma

Meaning of Pipette

Pipette means: A small glass tube, often with an enlargement or bulb in the middle, and usually graduated, -- used for transferring or delivering measured quantities.

Meaning of Plegepoda

Plegepoda means: Same as Infusoria.

Meaning of Sea wolf

Sea wolf means: The wolf fish.

Meaning of Shard

Shard means: The hard wing case of a beetle.

Meaning of Vibrissa

Vibrissa means: The bristlelike feathers near the mouth of many birds.

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