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Meaning of APENNY DIP

APENNY DIP means: 'Apenny dip is London cockney rhyming slang for ship.


BRAINSTORM means: Brainstorm is slang for sudden inspiration, a sudden idea.

Meaning of DROME

DROME means: Drome is slang for aerodrome.

Meaning of fembots

fembots means: female robots, originated from the movie "Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery"

Meaning of down

down means: Agreeable to. I'm down for going to the movies tonight!

Meaning of snop

snop means: marijuana

Meaning of It's raining on/in/at the *****

It's raining on/in/at the ***** means: This phrase is often used to tell your friends that there is a girl or group of good looking girls in a particular area. Example: if you saw a good looking girl corner and you wanted to tell your friends, you would say, "It's raining on the corner." This would alert your friends to the girls presence, and would not let the girl know you are talking about her., Please let me know if any of my submissions are added.

Meaning of my name's Ben

my name's Ben means: My name's Ben And I live in a tree, I sell condoms For 25p. I would sell them For half a bob, But that all depends On the size of your knob.

Meaning of marketplace

marketplace means: A place where one goes to look for sex partners; outdoor setting on a street or public place.

Meaning of sea-wolves

sea-wolves means: A sailor that gets out of hand and then is thrown into the brig by naval MP's.

Meaning of Audi 5000

Audi 5000 means: verb. Meaning to leave now, depart quickly. Iam Audi 5000 (I am outa here, I am leaving right now). Orginated during the period when Audi 5000s were experience sudden and unexpected excellerations.

Meaning of Wrinkle

Wrinkle means: Whim, fancy, a cunning trick or artful dodge. 

Meaning of AMP

AMP means: ampoule

Meaning of ecofreak

ecofreak means: a person with strong views on the importance of protecting the natural environment

Meaning of pooped

pooped means: very tired, exhausted

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