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BLUE RIBBONER means: Blue ribboner was th century slang for a teetotaller.


HEADCHEESE means: Headcheese is Black−American slang for various cheap grades of pork meat

Meaning of JOE TANK

JOE TANK means: Joe Tank is London Cockney rhyming slang for bank.

Meaning of JUMBO'S TRUNK

JUMBO'S TRUNK means: Jumbo's trunk is London Cockney rhyming slang for drunk, intoxicated.

Meaning of KIBBLE

KIBBLE means: Kibble is American slang for food, a meal.

Meaning of badger

badger means: Verb. To bother incessantly. E.g."Stop badgering her, she's not interested in buying another pair of your cheap trainers."

Meaning of dugs

dugs means: Noun. Female breasts.

Meaning of nest egg

nest egg means: A savings account for retirement. When he retired, he had a tidy little nest egg in the bank.

Meaning of The Fuzz

The Fuzz means: The police. As in "I was speeding the other day, and I got pulled over by the fuzz"

Meaning of Mugwump

Mugwump means: An Indian word meaning captain, leader or notable person.

Meaning of GRAVY

GRAVY means: to inject a drug

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