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Meaning of DUNLOP TYRE

DUNLOP TYRE means: Dunlop tyre is London Cockney rhyming slang for liar.

Meaning of pimpin

pimpin means: Managing prostitutes. What a pimp does.

Meaning of urk

urk means: to annoy

Meaning of Pillock

Pillock means: Gypsy; traveller

Meaning of boob

boob means: A stupid or foolish person That boob O'Reilly picked his nose three times at the dinner table.

Meaning of drink driving

drink driving means: n drunk driving. The art of driving a car whilst intoxicated: Sarah’s stuck at home right now, she got done for drink driving last week. Why the Brits chose a phrase that doesn’t make linguistic sense, I am not entirely sure.

Meaning of square brackets

square brackets means: n brackets. Something went very wrong at some point in history. Nobody knows what it was, but the end result of it was that, to Brits, [these] are square brackets, and (these) are “brackets”. To Americans, [these] are “brackets” and (these) are “parentheses”. Even {these} ended up being “braces” to Americans but “curly braces” to Brits. It’s possible many people have died as a result of these confusions, although I can’t exactly work out how.

Meaning of barf

barf means: To vomit, indulge in reverse peristalis. Ok, it means throwing up. It's used for the action of throwing up or the stuff that you throw up (like puke). "I think I'm gonna barf." "Well don't get barf on the floor, my parents will get mad!". This was a pretty common word when I was in elementary school. It was used from kindergarten up to about fourth or fifth grade.

Meaning of bash

bash means: Sexual intercourse.

Meaning of Big W

Big W means: The outline of a womans labia seen through tight trousers or 'slacks. Really limited to Australia where the Big W sign is common and the expression bcomes obvious..

Meaning of has-been

has-been means: A person who has lost his or her good looks.

Meaning of Andy McNab

Andy McNab means: Cab (Taxi)

Meaning of Ave Maria

Ave Maria means: Fire

Meaning of Slathers

Slathers means: Abundance, no end of.

Meaning of nerts

nerts means: Crazy, insane. Forget the nerd; he's connected to that computer by an umbilical cord.

Meaning of place

place means: Where you live. Let's make a pit stop at the next rest area.

Meaning of pal

pal means: a friend

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