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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of ALIVE

ALIVE means: Alive is British slang for having money.

Meaning of KNOCK OVER

KNOCK OVER means: Knock over is slang for to rob.

Meaning of SNOTRAG

SNOTRAG means: Snotrag is British slang for a handkerchief.

Meaning of SLT

SLT means: Something Like That

Meaning of biscuit

biscuit means: A legendary and probably apocryphal game where participants masturbate until they ejaculate onto a digestive biscuit. The last person to come had to perform the forfeit of eating said biscuit.

Meaning of tits-up (gone ...)

tits-up (gone ...) means: Description for a mistake or error of epic proportions. e.g. "Let's get out of here boss — it's all gone tits-up!", Contributor has no idea where this one comes from, just knows it's pretty common across the country and has been since they were a child. Brad (an ex-GI) sent in the following explanation: Tits-up is how a farmer hates to find his cows pr sheep 'cos a cow that's gone tits-up isn't much use! In other words it's dead! Is also used to describe a defective vehicle, project or piece of technology. A similar expression is 'belly-up' which is probably a euphemism for tits-up. The term is also used in US Military slang, abbreviated to "Tango Uniform" (which in the the phonetic alphabet is 'T-U').

Meaning of I Suppose

I Suppose means: Nose. That rotten drunk gave me a clip on me I suppose.

Meaning of Rot-gut

Rot-gut means: Bad liquor.

Meaning of Winsome

Winsome means: Lively, cheerful, gay.

Meaning of Rod

Rod means: A car (hot-rodders)

Meaning of Tune the Old Cow Died Of

Tune the Old Cow Died Of means:  An epithet for any ill-played or discordant piece of music.

Meaning of fairy squalls

fairy squalls means: small wind twisters that take up dust

Meaning of htrheh

htrheh means: fm,yfmkyfm

Meaning of plastered

plastered means: Drunk, intoxicated. Why don't you come over to my place sometimes?

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