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BOOTY−BANDIT means: Booty−bandit is American slang for a sodomist. Booty−bandit is American slang for a male homosexual.

Meaning of SKERRET

SKERRET means: Skerret is slang for a tiny amount.

Meaning of Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire means: Noun. Bed or bedtime. [1700s]

Meaning of bore off (!)

bore off (!) means: Verb./Exclam. Go away, a general dismissive exclamation.

Meaning of kick ass

kick ass means: very cool - "You're new car is kick ass".

Meaning of necro

necro means: expression used to explain atmosphere in extreme heavy metal expressing deathly themes and uncompromising attitude

Meaning of hit me on the hip

hit me on the hip means: Page me. If I'm not at home when you call, hit me on the hip. OK?

Meaning of make it

make it means: To leave. When are you going to make it?

Meaning of toss your cookies

toss your cookies means: To vomit. He ate so much that he tossed his cookies behind a potted palm.

Meaning of derriere

derriere means: The rectal opening; the anus.

Meaning of Painted Cat

Painted Cat means: Prostitute.

Meaning of DOSES

DOSES means: LSD


RED AND WHITES means: ecstasy

Meaning of THE C

THE C means: methcathinone

Meaning of The Element

The Element means: Used in reference to minorities in terms of location. Example: This neighborhhod was nice until the element moved in. Not necessarily specific to Blacks.

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