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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of ALICE

ALICE means: Alice is Australian slang for Alice Springs.

Meaning of CLEVER MIKE

CLEVER MIKE means: Clever Mike is London Cockney rhyming slang for bike.

Meaning of CRACK A FAT

CRACK A FAT means: Crack a fat is Australian slang for to have an erect penis.

Meaning of CRANK UP

CRANK UP means: Crank up is slang for to inject a narcotic drug.


DROP ANCHOR IN BUM BAY means: Drop anchor in bum bay is British slang for yo have anal intercourse.

Meaning of OCEAN LINER

OCEAN LINER means: Ocean liner was London Cockney rhyming slang for a black−eye (shiner).

Meaning of TOBY JUG

TOBY JUG means: Toby jug is London Cockney rhyming slang for a fool (mug).

Meaning of knock (something) on the head (!)

knock (something) on the head (!) means: Vrb phrs. To stop doing (something). E.g."All his shouting is really annoying me. If he doesn't knock it on the head soon, I'm going to thump him."

Meaning of screw loose

screw loose means: Noun. See 'have a screw loose'.

Meaning of Haggle

Haggle means: - To haggle is to argue or negotiate over a price. Most people that wangle stuff are usually quite good at haggling. I just learnt that in the USA you dicker over a price, particularly for used cars!

Meaning of TBF

TBF means: To Be Determined.

Meaning of LM4a~##zzzz>

LM4a~##zzzz> means: Let's Meet For A Joint

Meaning of light some trees

light some trees means: smoking marijuana. 

Meaning of Joe Blake

Joe Blake means: Steak

Meaning of Post the Pony

Post the Pony means: Pay up.

Meaning of wheels

wheels means: a way to say car

Meaning of whip

whip means: a way to say car

Meaning of dose

dose means: a person with a sexual transmitted disease

Meaning of doohickey

doohickey means: An object for which a name is unavailable. Sunny Day is such a dufus; she thinks Minnesota is a soft drink.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Alleys

Alleys means: of Alley

Meaning of Amorphas

Amorphas means: of Amorpha

Meaning of Base-court

Base-court means: An inferior court of law, not of record.

Meaning of Calfskin

Calfskin means: The hide or skin of a calf; or leather made of the skin.

Meaning of Caple

Caple means: A horse; a nag.

Meaning of Carnify

Carnify means: To form flesh; to become like flesh.

Meaning of Close

Close means: Uttered with a relatively contracted opening of the mouth, as certain sounds of e and o in French, Italian, and German; -- opposed to open.

Meaning of Consequentially

Consequentially means: By remote consequence; not immediately; eventually; as, to do a thing consequentially.

Meaning of Deceased

Deceased means: Passed away; dead; gone.

Meaning of Dewing

Dewing means: of Dew

Meaning of Dummy

Dummy means: One who is dumb.

Meaning of Elisor

Elisor means: An elector or chooser; one of two persons appointed by a court to return a jury or serve a writ when the sheriff and the coroners are disqualified.

Meaning of Fleet

Fleet means: A number of vessels in company, especially war vessels; also, the collective naval force of a country, etc.

Meaning of Gourdy

Gourdy means: Swelled in the legs.

Meaning of Gram

Gram means: The East Indian name of the chick-pea (Cicer arietinum) and its seeds; also, other similar seeds there used for food.

Meaning of Hurter

Hurter means: One who hurts or does harm.

Meaning of Lactucic

Lactucic means: Pertaining to, or derived from, the juice of the Lactuca virosa; -- said of certain acids.

Meaning of Ripple

Ripple means: The fretting or dimpling of the surface, as of running water; little curling waves.

Meaning of Valve

Valve means: One of the two similar portions of the shell of a diatom.

Meaning of Verbally

Verbally means: In a verbal manner; orally.

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