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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of BACK EYE

BACK EYE means: Back eye is slang for the anus.

Meaning of BANDULU

BANDULU means: Bandulu is Jamaican slang for a confidence artist, a trickster.

Meaning of GRIEF

GRIEF means: Grief is slang for trouble, hassle.

Meaning of IN THE FRAME

IN THE FRAME means: In the frame is slang for identified as a suspect in a crime, believed to be responsible for a crime.

Meaning of LION'S ROAR

LION'S ROAR means: Lion's roar is London Cockney rhyming slang for snore.

Meaning of screw you

screw you means: said when violently disagreeing with someone, "fuck you"

Meaning of laughing gear

laughing gear means: the mouth I

Meaning of Bag

Bag means: A person's particular interest.I'd like to play with your combo, dude, but your sound just ain't my "bag.".

Meaning of Two finger salute

Two finger salute means: When you see a Brit stick up two fingers at you in a V shape, he may be ordering two of something (if his palms are toward you). The other way around and it's an insult along the lines of your one finger salute. Which, by the way, is very popular here now too!

Meaning of LWR

LWR means: Launch When Ready

Meaning of cardie

cardie means: n abbr cardigan. A common abbreviation, at least for anyone who still wears cardigans.

Meaning of chelp, chelping

chelp, chelping means: Rubbish, and talking rubbish.

Meaning of fellatio

fellatio means: Technical term for cocksucking.

Meaning of Read and Write

Read and Write means: Fight. He'd rather read than walk away.

Meaning of Shoot the Cat

Shoot the Cat means: Vomit.

Meaning of Dude

Dude means: (dood) n.,  A man, friend.  Someone fastidious in dress and manner.  “Hey, dude, let’s get going.”  v., To dress up.  “I am going to get duded up.”  [Etym., 70’s youth]

Meaning of jake

jake means: Alright, OK. Don't hit on her; she's only 15 and jail bait.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Abbreviature

Abbreviature means: An abbreviation; an abbreviated state or form.

Meaning of Bagging

Bagging means: The act of swelling; swelling.

Meaning of Blindness

Blindness means: State or condition of being blind, literally or figuratively.

Meaning of Burning

Burning means: The act of consuming by fire or heat, or of subjecting to the effect of fire or heat; the state of being on fire or excessively heated.

Meaning of Cryptocrystalline

Cryptocrystalline means: Indistinctly crystalline; -- applied to rocks and minerals, whose state of aggregation is so fine that no distinct particles are visible, even under the microscope.

Meaning of Debauched

Debauched means: Dissolute; dissipated.

Meaning of Descend

Descend means: To come down to a lower, less fortunate, humbler, less virtuous, or worse, state or station; to lower or abase one's self; as, he descended from his high estate.

Meaning of Diathermanous

Diathermanous means: Having the property of transmitting radiant heat; diathermal; -- opposed to athermanous.

Meaning of Eustyle

Eustyle means: See Intercolumnlation.

Meaning of Flasher

Flasher means: A man of more appearance of wit than reality.

Meaning of Hamous

Hamous means: Having the end hooked or curved.

Meaning of Imbanking

Imbanking means: of Imbank

Meaning of Parasitical

Parasitical means: Of the nature of a parasite; fawning for food or favors; sycophantic.

Meaning of Rupicoline

Rupicoline means: Rock-inhabiting.

Meaning of Shoading

Shoading means: The tracing of veins of metal by shoads.

Meaning of Start

Start means: A sudden, unexpected movement; a sudden and capricious impulse; a sally; as, starts of fancy.

Meaning of Teston

Teston means: A tester; a sixpence.

Meaning of Tunic

Tunic means: See Mantle, n., 3 (a).

Meaning of Wivehood

Wivehood means: Wifehood.

Meaning of Work

Work means: To produce or form by labor; to bring forth by exertion or toil; to accomplish; to originate; to effect; as, to work wood or iron into a form desired, or into a utensil; to work cotton or wool into cloth.

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