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Meaning of BANG UP

BANG UP means: Bang up is slang for to imprison.Bang up is prison slang for to lock up a prisoner in his cell, especially for the night. Bang up is slangfor inject oneself with hard drugs.

Meaning of BIG POTATO

BIG POTATO means: Big potato is slang for an important person.

Meaning of EGGHEAD

EGGHEAD means: Egghead is slang for an intellectual, scientist, or studious student.

Meaning of HUMDINGER

HUMDINGER means: Humdinger is American slang for an excellent person or thing.


POLVO BLANCO means: Polvo Blanco is slang for cocaine.


SKEIN OF THREAD means: Skein of thread was th century London Cockney rhyming slang for bed.

Meaning of STINK−WEED

STINK−WEED means: Stink−weed is slang for marijuana.

Meaning of nonce about /around

nonce about /around means: Verb. To idle away time, to mess around. E.g."We spent all day Sunday just noncing about."

Meaning of right

right means: Adj. Used as an intensive. E.g."I made a right mess of that." {Informal}Adv. Very. E.g."I'm right glad to hear that you two are friends again." {Informal}

Meaning of MorF

MorF means: Male or Female

Meaning of bag person (... man, ... woman)

bag person (... man, ... woman) means: Person who wanders around city streets rummaging in rubbish bins and the like. Can often be seen picking up half eaten ice-creams etc and eating them. Occasionally these people collect waste for re-sale, e.g. tin cans and the like. The name "bag-person" derives from them usually carrying their entire worldy posessions in two or more Tesco shopping bags (tho' often as not these days pushing a supermarket trolley with the bags etc inside).

Meaning of hornroom

hornroom means: Urinal, toilet.

Meaning of 'Don't Be Such A 'spaz'

'Don't Be Such A 'spaz' means: A 'spaz' was someone that was accident prone,clutsy, or just acting stupid.

Meaning of Nelson Mandelas

Nelson Mandelas means: Stellas (Beers)

Meaning of PEACE

PEACE means: PCP


PSILOCYBIN means: alkaloid from magic mushrooms

Meaning of Metallic

Metallic means:    A type of finish that is high in shine and mirror-like.  Due to it’s formula, it can sometimes show brush-strokes or nail imperfections.  (Example)

Meaning of hoo-ha

hoo-ha means: a fuss, or a commotion, especially about something that isn't very important

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