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Slang words and meanings

Meaning of APIECE

APIECE means: Apiece is Dorset slang for for each.

Meaning of BOOT CAMP

BOOT CAMP means: Boot camp is American slang for to vomit. Boot camp is American slang for a basic training camp for new recruits to the US Navy or Marine Corps.

Meaning of COME A STUMER

COME A STUMER means: Come a stumer is Australian slang for to crash financially.

Meaning of COUSIN

COUSIN means: Cousin is Gay slang for an older man's younger lover. Cousin is American slang for a mosquito.Cousin was th century British slang for a confidence trickster's victim. Cousin was th century British slang for a prostitute.

Meaning of GOLD RING

GOLD RING means: Gold ring is London Cockney rhyming slang for a king playing card.

Meaning of PULLET

PULLET means: Pullet is British slang for a young male passive homosexual partner of an older man.

Meaning of anchors

anchors means: Noun. Brakes. E.g."I slammed the anchors on and hit my head on the steering wheel."

Meaning of dive

dive means: Noun. A squalid place.

Meaning of eager-beaver

eager-beaver means: Noun. An enthusiastic person.

Meaning of sack

sack means: Noun. 1. Bed. E.g."Let's hit the sack, I'm exhausted." See 'hit the sack'. [Orig. U.S.] 2. Dismissal from employment.Verb. To dismiss from employment. E.g."I was sacked because of my poor time keeping. I was consistently late arriving at work in the mornings."

Meaning of reckon

reckon means: estimate, think ‘I reckon it’s worth about 50 bucks.’

Meaning of grievous bodily harm

grievous bodily harm means: gamma-hydroxybutyrate. See GHB

Meaning of box

box means: 1 n item that fits down the front of a bloke’s underwear and protects the crown jewels. Americans know it as a “cup,” although I suppose in the U.S. such an item is less likely to be protecting the crown jewels and perhaps instead protects “the Bill of Rights” or some such. 2 female genitalia (universal).

Meaning of backy

backy means: Giving someone a ride on the back of your bike.

Meaning of quoz, quozzie

quoz, quozzie means: Handicapped person From Quasimodo.


CANCELLED STICK means: marijuana cigarette

Meaning of sick

sick means: very cool, tight, hip, good, impressive, enjoyable

Meaning of tanked up

tanked up means: Drunk, intoxicated. Lloyd was so tanked he tied his shoes together and fell off the balcony.

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