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BANG TO RIGHTS means: Bang to rights is British slang for without hope of escape, undeniable.

Meaning of FLOWERS

FLOWERS means: Flowers is slang for cannabis.

Meaning of FUZZY−WUZZY

FUZZY−WUZZY means: Fuzzy−wuzzy is slang for a Black fuzzy−haired native of any of various countries. Fuzzy−Wuzzy is slang for a Sudanese soldier.Fuzzy−wuzzy is Australian slang for a native of New Guinea.

Meaning of LANDOWNER

LANDOWNER means: Landowner is British slang for a person.Landowner was Great War British military slang for a dead and buried soldier.

Meaning of gobby

gobby means: Adj. Mouthy, offensively outspoken.

Meaning of IMA

IMA means: I Might Add

Meaning of squeal

squeal means: To inform or tattle. He squealed on his buddies and got them in trouble.

Meaning of murdering butches

murdering butches means: Homosexuals in the military, when in combat.

Meaning of tear off a piece

tear off a piece means: To do the sex act; to fuck someone.

Meaning of Soup And Gravy

Soup And Gravy means: Navy

Meaning of Gloria Gaynors

Gloria Gaynors means: Trainers (running shoes). That's a nice pair of Gloria's

Meaning of NM

NM means: Nothing much OR nevermind

Meaning of Camel Lips

Camel Lips means: Self Explanatory

Meaning of Forty

Forty means: (FOR-tee)  n., A forty ounce bottle of malt liquor that has a higher alcohol concentration than beer.  “After drinking a whole forty, the girl fell out.”  [Etym., 90’s youth culture]

Meaning of dank

dank means: moist, damp

Meaning of Duckett

Duckett means:   A street hawker or vendor's licence.

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