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Meaning of AUNT HAZEL

AUNT HAZEL means: Aunt Hazel is British slang for heroin.

Meaning of BODGY

BODGY means: Bodgy is British slang for inferior, malfunctioning, dysfunctional.

Meaning of BRUMMIE

BRUMMIE means: Brummie is British slang for a person from Birmingham. Brummie is British slang for the dialect spoken in Birmingham.

Meaning of GYM CANDY

GYM CANDY means: Gym Candy is slang for any anabolic steroid.

Meaning of PLENTY

PLENTY means: Plenty is Black−American slang for good

Meaning of SQUIFFED

SQUIFFED means: Squiffed is British slang for slightly drunk, a little intoxicated.

Meaning of blow out

blow out means: Noun. An excessive spree of drinking, eating, spending or sex. Verb. To cancel an arranged meeting with someone, or an planned event, unreasonably or without due notification. E.g."I'm going to blow out my brother's birthday party and go to that new club night instead."

Meaning of dickhead

dickhead means: idiot

Meaning of MCE

MCE means: Master of Ceremonies or Microphone Controller.

Meaning of UFUF

UFUF means: You F***, You Fix

Meaning of fuck-thing

fuck-thing means: Prostitute fuck up the ass: anal intercourse, the penis or some other object, is inserted into the anus for intercourse.

Meaning of Aggies

Aggies means: Baked beans

Meaning of AIRHEAD

AIRHEAD means: marijuana user

Meaning of CANAMO

CANAMO means: marijuana

Meaning of Haunt

Haunt means: See: Spook

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