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NUMBER THIRTEEN means: Number thirteen is American slang for marijuana.

Meaning of RINGO STARR

RINGO STARR means: Ringo Starr was 's British rhyming slang for a car.

Meaning of SAL

SAL means: Sal is theatre slang for salary.

Meaning of arse over kettle

arse over kettle means: Phrs. Fall over. Also arse over tea kettle.

Meaning of porkies

porkies means: Noun. Lies, from the rhyming slang pork-pies.

Meaning of ropable

ropable means: very angry

Meaning of tea leaf

tea leaf means: n thief: When I got to the car park I realised some tea leaf had nicked my hub caps! Cockney rhyming slang – unlikely most other Cockney rhyming slang terms, you cannot use simply “tea” to refer to a thief.

Meaning of flube tube

flube tube means: Used to cover the distinctive aroma of marajuana smoke by blowing into a cardboard tube stuffed with tissue paper. This was in use at Virginia Tech.

Meaning of melvin (2)

melvin (2) means: A reverse wedgie. Pulling the frontside of someones underwear as high as possible, or until he screams and cries in pain. Usually given to wiseass kids who taunt older classmates. Can be especially painful if the person getting the melvin is wearing boxer shorts.

Meaning of Foreign entanglements

Foreign entanglements means: Spaghetti

Meaning of Band Of Hope

Band Of Hope means: Soap

Meaning of Karabast

Karabast means: A Lasat exclamation of frustration. Garazeb Orrelios was fond of using this exclamation.

Meaning of All-fired

All-fired means: Very, great, immensely; used for emphasis. He is just too all-fired lazy to get any work done around here. Also "hell-fired” and "jo-fired."

Meaning of Hurricane Deck

Hurricane Deck means: The saddle of a bucking horse.

Meaning of PLOD

PLOD means: derogatory term for police officer


POCATELLO YARDMASTER means: Derisive term for boomers, all of whom presumably claimed to have held, at some time, the tough job of night yardmaster at Pocatello, Idaho

Meaning of Usage note:

Usage note: means: Ghetto, (GET-o) adj.,  Broken down, cheap, worn out.  “Your shoes are so ghetto.”  [Etym., from ghetto meaning African American community, considered to have less wealth; from ghetto meaning restricted Jewish districts of European cities, from Italian for the waterworks district of Venice which was a Jewish community in the middle ages.]   While ghetto is used widely by African American and other young people, it has a negative connotation as part of a culture of disrespect and contempt for African American working class people.

Meaning of drag

drag means: To race another car a short distance. Sunny is such a drag I would never invite her to my parties.

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