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BUTTERCUP AND DAISY means: Buttercup and Daisy is London Cockney rhyming slang for crazy.

Meaning of CHEAPO

CHEAPO means: Cheapo is British slang for cheap, basic.


KNOCK THEM DEAD means: Knock them dead is British slang for to evoke a favourable response.

Meaning of SPREAD

SPREAD means: Spread is old slang for butter. Spread is old slang for a shawl.

Meaning of shit on (someone)

shit on (someone) means: Verb. To betray, to land someone in trouble. E.g."I know it was you who shitted on him, so don't pretend you're his best friend"

Meaning of single fish

single fish means: Noun. An act of urination. Rhyming slang on 'pish', meaning 'piss'. See 'pish'. [Scottish use]

Meaning of slap

slap means: Noun. Cosmetic make-up. Originally from theatrical usage. See 'slap-up' (verb).Verb. To beat-up, hit, thump. E.g."I'm going to slap that bastard if he doesn't shut up."

Meaning of spraff

spraff means: Verb. To chat, talk. E.g."Don't just stand there spraffing, find some work to do."

Meaning of Butchers

Butchers means: To have a butchers at something is to have a look. This is a cockney rhyming slang word that has become common. The reason "butchers" means a look even though it doesn't rhyme is because it is short for "butchers hook" and "hook" of course, does rhyme.

Meaning of bouftie

bouftie means: Homosexual. Used in the novel "Trainspotting".

Meaning of pumping off

pumping off means: To masturbate.

Meaning of rum

rum means: Ass.

Meaning of Lumber

Lumber means: A toothpick

Meaning of Super

Super means: Used to make something much more than it is. Super loser, super huge, super cool, super cold, super funny, etc.....

Meaning of Flying Mess

Flying Mess means:  To be “in flying mess” is a soldier’s phrase for being hungry and having to mess where he can.

Meaning of PRETENDO

PRETENDO means: marijuana

Meaning of Shisty

Shisty means: (SHY-stee) adj.,  mean, dishonest, scandalous.  “That guy is acting hella shisty.”  [Etym., African American]  See:  shady.

Meaning of loser

loser means: A person who cannot succeed. You are such a lop; can't you even park a car?

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