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Meaning of PAY−OFF

PAY−OFF means: Pay−off is slang for reward.


SYLVESTER STALLONE means: Sylvester Stallone is London Cockney rhyming slang for alone.

Meaning of clued up

clued up means: Adj. Knowledgeable, informed. E.g."He's well clued up about the local music scene."

Meaning of Dear John

Dear John means: Noun. A letter, usually from a female, terminating a relationship.

Meaning of catnap

catnap means: A nap, a light sleep in the manner of a cat who whilst asleep is still aware.

Meaning of knock

knock means: to criticise ‘All he can do is knock something:’

Meaning of piss up (also piss on)

piss up (also piss on) means: party involving drinking ‘piss up at my place!’

Meaning of the sticks

the sticks means: the country ‘He lives in the sticks somewhere.’

Meaning of oil can

oil can means: A stupid female. I took that oil can out once--never again!

Meaning of stunt nuts

stunt nuts means: Elongated nuts that went on the back wheel of your bmx allowing you to stand on them to concoct bmx trickery of some sort.

Meaning of dirk

dirk means: Eighteeth-century expressions for penis.

Meaning of libido

libido means: Sexual appetite.

Meaning of sex job

sex job means: A sexually attractive or available.

Meaning of three-bee

three-bee means: Offering to rub suntan lotion on sunbather, letting him get relaxed with the rubdown and sunning, and then penetrating him anally.

Meaning of Salmon and Trout

Salmon and Trout means: Snout (cigarette). Ere mate, give us a salmon, I'm right out.If you know where the expression 'snout' for cigarette comes from I'd like to include it. Martin McKerrell has written that Snout comes from snout rag meaning handkerchief (I'm thinking snot rag - JA) so Snout Rag = Fag = cigarrette. Also, Richard Beveridge has suggested that the term snout comes from prison life when the prisoners, who would take their daily exercise in silence, would signal a tobacco supplier that he needed cigarettes by touching his nose.- See "ins and outs"

Meaning of lob

lob means: not of much value; a large lump of anything

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