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Meaning of Falconet

Falconet means: One of several very small Asiatic falcons of the genus Microhierax.

Meaning of Falconet

Falconet means: One of a group of Australian birds of the genus Falcunculus, resembling shrikes and titmice.

Meaning of Falcongentil

Falcongentil means: The female or young of the goshawk (Astur palumbarius).

Meaning of Falconine

Falconine means: Like a falcon or hawk; belonging to the Falconidae

Meaning of Falconry

Falconry means: The art of training falcons or hawks to pursue and attack wild fowl or game.

Meaning of Falconry

Falconry means: The sport of taking wild fowl or game by means of falcons or hawks.

Meaning of Falcula

Falcula means: A curved and sharp-pointed claw.

Meaning of Falculate

Falculate means: Curved and sharppointed, like a falcula, or claw of a falcon.

Meaning of Faldage

Faldage means: A privilege of setting up, and moving about, folds for sheep, in any fields within manors, in order to manure them; -- often reserved to himself by the lord of the manor.

Meaning of Faldfee

Faldfee means: A fee or rent paid by a tenant for the privilege of faldage on his own ground.

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Meaning of Zander

Zander means: A European pike perch (Stizostedion lucioperca) allied to the wall-eye; -- called also sandari, sander, sannat, schill, and zant.

Meaning of Zampogna

Zampogna means: A sort of bagpipe formerly in use among Italian peasants. It is now almost obsolete.

Meaning of Zamouse

Zamouse means: A West African buffalo (Bubalus brachyceros) having short horns depressed at the base, and large ears fringed internally with three rows of long hairs. It is destitute of a dewlap. Called also short-horned buffalo, and bush cow.

Meaning of Zamite

Zamite means: A fossil cycad of the genus Zamia.

Meaning of Zamindari

Zamindari means: The jurisdiction of a zamindar; the land possessed by a zamindar.

Meaning of Zamindary

Zamindary means: Alt. of Zamindari

Meaning of Zamindar

Zamindar means: A landowner; also, a collector of land revenue; now, usually, a kind of feudatory recognized as an actual proprietor so long as he pays to the government a certain fixed revenue.

Meaning of Zamia

Zamia means: A genus of cycadaceous plants, having the appearance of low palms, but with exogenous wood. See Coontie, and Illust. of Strobile.

Meaning of Zambo

Zambo means: The child of a mulatto and a negro; also, the child of an Indian and a negro; colloquially or humorously, a negro; a sambo.

Meaning of Zambos

Zambos means: of Zambo

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